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Who are you?

My name is Kaick Pelisser, I am a resident of Brazil. I am 20 years old. I have been an investor in Polis for a long time. I currently work in the sales sector. For more information, access my Facebook


The cryptocurrency market is getting bigger every day, more and more people are looking for information that will lead them towards the next crypt with valorization potential, it is up to us (Polis community) to present our project.

So I come through this elaborating a proposal aimed at Brazil and the Polis Project, with the aim of passing on reliable and relevant information to the Brazilian community of Polis / crypto-coins.


I will create a channel on YouTube called "PolisBrasil", this channel will have the duty to pass to its public information about occurrences in the Project Polis / Polispay, News that stir the Brazilian market of crypto-coins.

We can also contact project author’s to give us more details where we can clearly explain the idea of ​​the project.

We can get the weekly Polis information commented on.

We can discuss several other themes on YouTube that benefit the Polis community both international and national.


  • I will create a Channel Name PolisBrasil

  • I will address various issues related to Polis

  • healing Community questions Polis

  • PolisPay Card News

  • Provide financing proposals

  • Present Proposals already funded by Polis and Comment them

  • Contact proposal authors to be giving feedback

  • News that shake cryptocurrency marking both positively and negatively

  • We can look for sponsorship to take the Name Polis as far as possible (we will vote in the Polis community if the sponsorship is welcome or not)

Who will create and edit the videos?

I can even produce edit the recorded videos, since I have some experience with video editors.

How many videos do you want to post?

At the beginning I intend to post 1 to 2 videos per week, if the community approves the videos I can make up to three videos per week (If there are news and topics to be addressed)

If the proposal is accepted how long to start?

If the community approves the financing, I will acquire the equipment, so I believe that within 15 days at most I can already be posting the videos.

Reasons that led me to write this project

I chose Polis for having an excellent project in progress (Polispay), competent developers and staff, considerate, and for being a currency that is currently undervalued. Having tremendous potential for growth.

Also I noticed that the currency has no YT channel Back to Polis with news, portfolio presentation, projects, guides … This motivated me to write this project!

What is the purpose of the Polis Brazil channel?

The goal is to become a great, trustworthy Transparent News Channel, but without losing its focus that is "Polis", we will use the channel to disseminate such a word!


As soon as some videos are posted, I will be notifying everyone via Discord, to always be inside the news to be commented.

Consumption of content.

Consuming content online has been increasingly common and fast. Today, people do not have to wait to learn something new.
They have the ability to search for what they need, and in a few seconds, a range of information is opened online so they can choose the one that most attracts attention

Not all people assiduously follow all social networks or already know your blog. So if you’re also on YouTube, you can advertise your brand to people who follow only that network.
In addition, you gain visibility also through the suggested videos.

Interact with users

YouTube allows people to interact with your channel. They can enjoy or discour, leave comments and share their videos on various social networks.
Every time someone likes your videos, you can see the acceptance rate of the content that you make available.
So you can think of topics that people are looking for and the video formats that appeal to their audience.
Also, the comments people leave on your videos are great feedbacks and serve you insight into what you’re doing.

Important point

With the fall of the BTC the cryptocurrency are devaluing excessively, considering that the crypto coin was overvalued, on the other hand this devaluation becomes positive because they become again attractive to the investors, which means that people who were expecting a crash of the BTC to enter the market will start investing in order to seek the next bull run.

Having done a search on Google Trends, I noticed that it has appreciated by more than 80% when searching for “Bitcoin” (

With this, I come to present a solution to do marketing and present the Polis Project to newcomers who should enter this market. A Google Trands survey shows that we’ve seen a 50% increase in YouTube searches in Brazil ( ).

Purpose of the proposal!

The purpose of this proposal is to add value to Coin Polis, When we talk about adding value we are talking about disclosure, the coin has an excellent project of “PolisPay Card”. We are just in need of disclosure, we need to reach the final increase liquidity and consequently value!


Equipment = 1,850 US ~ 2,200 Polis

Compensation = 400 Polis

Total = 2,100 US ~ 2,600 Polis


The above amount will be the first payment (US2,500)

The first month will be evaluated by the community, if the community approve the content of the channel, the following month I will send another proposal with a total of 3 payments worth 1200 Polis each installment, so it would look like this:

-First month 2600 Polis

-Second month 1200 Polis

-Third month 1200 Polis

-Fourth month 1200 Polis

From the 2nd month onwards, it will only be compensation.

If the community appreciates and supports the Project, at the end of the 4 months mentioned above, I will be able to create a new proposal for another 3 months to continue the project!

I will spend a lot of time looking for news, producing videos and editing them; so the value of 1200 compensation polis!

I believe in the Polis project for this reason use for compensation "Polis" and not "Dollar (US)"

Attending the Last Name "Polis_Brasil" at Discord.

If you have any questions, please contact us!

NOTE: Values ​​in Polis are higher in case of unforeseen occurrence (price drop), a correction will not be necessary in the proposal and we will be ready if this happens!

To vote enter the following code in the debug console:

gobject vote-many 9fe3925bed07289344486e0dc26694cd3fbe0f94d110a70100df38933d0a9283 funding yes

Dear masternode owners
Weekly Polis (11/05 to 11/11)
Weekly Polis (11/19 to 11/25)

Your idea is good, we would like to be able to support it, it would be better if you show us a first video, I think there is a lot of information that you could start working with and it will be easier for us to decide to support your proposal.


Ares, I can make a presentation video and send it to you! Just that the video will be done in PT-BR, any problem?


Your idea is interesting, I’m sure it can reach a large number of specters.
Another idea would be that each country with a good volume of active crypto negotiations had a channel turned to Polis.
Why did you say … With the fall of the BTC the crypts are again becoming attractive to investors.
That we still have little institutional capital circulating in the crypts. When institutions begin to enter we have to be there! And nothing better than a virtual way to introduce Polis to newcomers in the active Crypto market.


Yes Elisium, certainly institutional capital should enter next year, taking the value of the BTC to other levels.
The time to introduce Polis to people is now!


We must also think about the PolisPay card, it would be relevant to insert information about the use of the card in its Polis_Brasil schedule.


I just did, thanks for the tip. :grinning: