Weekly Polis (12/10 to 12/16)


Weekly Polis (12/10 to 12/16)

Polis Core

  • The Polis Core team is still working on fixing the Windows 32 bits issue.
  • The team is working on fixing some reported bugs found by the community.
  • Next Friday the 21th of December will mark one year since the POLIS idea was concieved and for that we will publish a yearly review of all the important things that happened inside the Polis team and outside in the Polis Community (That’s you). We’re thinking of some surprises through this days so stay tuned to our social media (mainly Twitter, Discord and Telegram).


PolisPay Team

  • BitcoinCash has been removed from the PolisPay app.
  • The PolisPay team is working on adding COLX coin and others to the app.
  • The team worked on fixing bugs and still working on others.

PolisPay Beta

  • The PolisPay Beta testers from the first round keep posting their purchases around the globe. From Canada to Belarus and more!
  • Last week, an e-mail was sent to the ones that wanted to be on the Round 3 of Beta Cards. Only the first 100 to respond to the e-mail will be selected and soon we’ll announce the lucky ones.

Community Management & Outreach

  • A “Polis Security Tips” post was made on Medium, Bitcointalk and Polis Forum for you to check out and be informed regarding some basic security tips to make your experience better with us and help prevent possible future scams.
    Medium link here: https://medium.com/polisblockchain/polis-security-tips-52a50fdc2726

  • We’ve been publishing on Social Media links for you to share and join our community from Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Discord and more.

  • Friendly reminder that the Polis team will NEVER contact you via DM to update your wallets (like the “dump wallet” command). There have been reports of fake accounts claiming to be team members. If you believe you are being scammed, please let any admin know.

Social Media

We’d like to remind you that you can follow us on these Social Media Networks:

A Weekly Polis (such as this one) will be posted each Monday of each week in Medium, Discord and Bitcointalk and links to both will be shared across all social media.

The Polis Community

We’re deeply grateful with all your support and we want to thank you for reading. Great things are comming for all of the Polis Community. Great things are coming for Polis!