Weekly Polis (10/22 to 10/29)


Weekly Polis (10/22 to 10/29)

Polis Core

  • The Polis Core Team is actively working on some fixes that surged since the hard fork to PoS. here’s an announcement about the new wallets:

The new wallets are here!
Please update your wallets as soon as you can so you can start receiving your masternode rewards as usual. Your masternodes also need to be updated, but not restarted.
This is a mandatory update, but you don’t need to restart your masternodes after upgrade - they will remain in queue.
An install script will be provided to you tomorrow (31/10). Thanks for your patience.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and we want to thank the community for all the support in this difficult times - Great things are coming for Polis.

Any issues you may have please address them in the #general-support channel on our Discord Channel. Read if someone might have had the same issue as you and loof if a solution to that issue has been reached.

  • We’ve published an article on Medium called “The Road from PoW to PoS” in which we speak in detail of when we decided to change from PoW to PoS, the reasons and how we managed to do the hard fork. We hope this will clear any questions regarding this change any of you might have.


PolisPay Team

  • As we said last week, the team is working in perfeting small details of the app but the core features are ready.
  • Internal testing continues.
  • As a reminder, we’d like to say that for the people that have the previous version of the app, we’ll publish steps on how to make the transition when the new version is live.

PolisPay Beta

  • The world’s first PolisPay transaction has been made! For more development on this, read “The Polis Community” section below.
  • Some of the Beta Testers have received their cards and are now waiting for the app to launch so they can begin testing. Soon the other testers will receive their cards.

Community Management & Outreach

Social Media

We’d like to remind you that you can follow us on these Social Media Networks:

A Weekly Polis (such as this one) will be posted each Monday of each week in Medium, Discord and Bitcointalk and links to both will be shared across all social media.

The Polis Community

PolisPay Beta Testers

  • Beta tester Gronk from Fireside Exchange made “The World’s First PolisPay Transaction”.

On 30 October, 2018 I paid 4.51 Polis for an Oreo Donut and a Chai from Dunkin Donuts.
Check the whole article here! http://www.fireside.exchange/2018/10/30/the-worlds-first-polispay-transaction/

  • Beta tester Crypto Kells just received his PolisPay card! Here’s what he said:

Received the PolisPay MasterCard last night, in the process of loading masternode rewards onto the app to test real world purchasing power. Anywhere that accepts MasterCard now accepts $Polis. Great work devs, been in this from the beginning!
The app itself is great as you can load BTC, LTC, ETH, DASH, and POLIS for use on the card. I’ll be sure to update folks on the experience as I’m working closely with the selected beta testers to ensure it’s ready for prime time.

  • Beta tester Evolbyte also received his PolisPay card and went grocery shopping with it. Here’s what he said:

Some more purchases done with PolisPay :wink:
PolisPay buys you : chocolates & more chocolates & candy for the cats
My cats love PolisPay goodies :wink:
Sneak peek : tomorrow we will buy a small toy “hint it’s a car”. Wonder what brand that would be
More will follow :wink: A big thanks to everyone involved in POLIS.

Polis Forum Proposals

Polis Ghana Team

  • The Polis Ghana team has submitted aproposal where they are pleading to the community to check their Campus project. All suggestions are welcome. https://buff.ly/2q9Jn8H

We’re deeply grateful with all your support and we want to thank you for reading. Great things are comming for all of the Polis Community. Great things are coming for Polis!