Weekly Polis (09/24 to 09/30)


Weekly Polis (09/24 to 09/30)

Polis Core


As it is known, the change to proof-of-stake was not successful and we had to go back to version 1.3.1. We came to this decision because more time is needed to make test in the testnet to ensure a successful change to proof-of-stake. The ETA is October the 18th if everything goes according to schedule.

Wallet versión

On September the 18th of 2018 a bug was fixed in Bitcoin Core which prevented the CVE-2018-17144 exploit. This is a low risk exploit, nevertheless CryptoBreach required a fix for this for them to be able to deposit and withdraw Polis from the exchange.

Because of this, the Polis Core dev team implemented the version, which fixes the exploit and enables the use of CryptoBridge with no issue. This version was send to CryptoBridge and it is expected that deposits and withdrawals will be possible in a few days.

For the users this update is not mandatory, but it is recommended.


Polispay Team

Regarding the PolisPay team, they worked on changing the way information concerning public and private keys were stored in a server as it is done in BitPay. Instead that information is now stored in each user’s phone for security reasons. As a result the transactions were unstable for a bit but now transactions and creating wallets work well.
They’re working on the last details of sending money but once that’s been made there will be a completely functional release soon.

Polispay Card Beta

Because of the recent issues with CryptoBridge and the PoS change, the cards have not been sent to the PolisPay Beta participants. This is because a lot of our time and resources were focused to fix those issues, nevertheless this week we’ll contact and send the cards to the PolisPay Beta participants.

Community Management & Outreach

Governance Portal

As it is known, POLIS Ninja has been on hold for a few weeks. Because of this, there is no ideal way to look the details of governance proposals.

As a solution, a web site is being developed that will provide a simple and concise way to see the proposals made by users. The ETA of this web site is October 5th. POLIS Ninja will return this week too.

Web Site

A new main web site it’s being developed because the one that we have at the moment was a temporary one. This web site is estimated to be done by November and we’ll consult with the community to make this web site better and with better design.


The Polis Team know how important having liquidity in the cryptocurrency market. Therefore, we are currently looking into new exchanges to incorporate Polis.

At this moment we’ve made a request to the following exchanges:

  • CoinExchange.io
  • txbit.io – This exchange will list us if enough people vote for Polis, so we’ll be regularly posting to remind you to vote for us in this platform. We can make this together!
    Also, we’ll be returning to Cryptopia once the network has been changed to PoS. We appreciate the community for your patience regarding this issue.

Regarding big exchanges we hope to start pursuing them once the PolisPay is available for the regular public as it is one of the requirements of some exchanges is to have a functional product.
If you have any exchanges in mind, please don’t hesitate and send a message on our Telegram group or Discord server to discuss it with the whole community.

Social Media

Until now, the Polis Team has not dedicated too much resources to their Social Media presence. Usually we use Telegram and Discord for this. For this reason, we welcome two new members to the team that will be in charge of handling the following Social Media Networks daily:

Also, a Weekly Polis (such as this one) will be posted each Monday of each week in BitcoinTalk and Medium and links to both will be shared across all social media.

The Community

  • Melchionda Network from the German Polis Community posted the following interesting video concerning Mining vs Masternode in which he calculates the MasterNode of Polis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SU2FQy1e3E
  • The Polis Ghana team organize its first meet up!
  • The Mexican Polis community got accepted to talk about blockchain, governance and polis in http://pythonday.mx/
  • The Argentinian Polis Community made a pre-proposal:
    Polis Argentina

We’re deeply grateful with all your support and we want to thank you for reading. Stay strong!