We need donation to buy domain polis.io for our project

Hello Polis community,

Polis was born in 2017 and now 4 years old. Today we have migrated to BSC and Polis is going to create innovative use cases and add new features to our token, bringing a level of usability and scalability that has never been seen before in our chain. So I think domain polispay.org is no longer the best domain for our project. Polispay seems that we are just a payment cash coin like Dash. Polis.io will be better. Polis will create any possible blockchain product.
Currently the polis.io domain’s price is $28.99K at Godaddy. There are only 78.04k Polis ($26.89k) in our community treasury and we should keep this treasury for next many other usage. So I recommend our community to donate to buy domain polis.io for our project.
The donation address is:
It’s a multisig from the 5 DAO managers. It is controlled by the 5 DAO managers via a multisig gnosis wallet, so 3 out of 5 need to vote to make movements on that address.

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Hello Dawa,

thank you very much for this suggestion! I personally think the idea is great and the domain polis.io is great. However, the price is very high from my point of view. From the economic point of view of Polis DAO costs and benefits are not in proportion for me. So it would only be possible with additional donations from the community.

Additionally we already got a new domain from https://unstoppabledomains.com/ . The domain PolisPay.crypto is already owned by the DAO. The domain polis.crypto is currently not available and we will be informed as soon as it is for sale. You can see it here: Search | Unstoppable Domains

I think if we get 40.000 Polis or 19.000 USD from the community, then the DAO or Tresury can add the remaining amount.

This is the polis address of the DAO:
It’s a multisig from the 5 DAO managers. It is controlled by the 5 DAO managers via a multisig gnosis wallet, so 3 out of 5 need to vote to make movements on that address.
Of course everyone is welcome to donate to support the DAO.

best regards Andreas
Polis DAO business manager

Hello Andreas,

Thanks for your reply and support. polis.crypto is good if we get it. It will be better than polispay.org. But polis.io is more simple. The only problem is too expensive.
Now I have transfered 10K Polis to 0xed971dca3d893aaa254606ee77883070a8ddbb32 from my address 0x08e554f973e44d8a5a1f8d316064fbb0a0658f09. Hope we can collect 40K polis from our community.
My coin is for domain polis.io. If we don’t get it, I hope I can be refunded. :smile:

Hi! I appreciate the thought put into this proposal. It is great to see community members taking an active role and demonstrating initiative.

I would say you should not request donations in name of other people, even the DAO. This could be perceived as scammy, given the nature of crypto payments and the anonymous position you are making this proposal from, even though the multisig address is correct.

On a second note, it makes people think this is a joint effort to carry the proposal when it is not, have you talked this before with the DAO and an agreement was reached there would have been absolutely no problem. Doing this without consultation is at the very least unpolite, and could be perceived as an aggression under some circumstances.

I can see the good will behind this, so no problem and in case the coins need to be refunded they will be refunded to the address they came from. But please stop encouraging people from donating for this purpose, as even if the proposal passes, it is not guaranteed the DAO will fund this as it does not fit the current budget or plans and the DAO had no participation in the creation of this proposal.

If the community shows interest in this, we will happily evaluate the feasibility, but this should not be considered in any way as confirmation that this will be done.

As a reminder to you and community members reading this, here’s a small set of rules of thumb to create and evaluate a community funding proposal.

  • Anonymity removes accountability. Removing anonymity increases trust into your proposal, as the community understands you are accountable to carry it out. Anonymity might not be a deal breaker under the right circumstances, but usually anonymity can easily turn into a scam, given the lack of accountability.
  • A proposal should be self sustaining, meaning it should be covered by the requested funds, or the creators and involved parties should agree on the funding methods they will use, and communicate them properly to the community as well as handling the involved procedures and conditions for refunding or spending the funds.
  • Evaluate and refine your proposal before creating it in the blockchain. Communicating your ideas to the community to get feedback and refine your proposal might help you improve the metrics, spending structure and even goals of your proposal and make it easier to get funded. Plus it saves you the bad reputation creating a bunch of unsuccessful proposals might give you.
  • Provide a timeline and spending budget for the funds, this allows people to evaluate the feasibility of the proposal and allows to set expectations on the deliverables.
  • As a community member, ask questions. Clarification is important so that the community is able to make an informed decision on whether to fund a proposal. As a proposal owner you should be willing to answer every question from the community in the clearest way possible.

Hope you find this useful.

Luis Correa
DAO Technology Manager

Hello Luis,

Thanks for your detailed advice and instructions on the propose. This is the first time I create propose and I must make some mistake. I will discuss my ideas with community members next.
Your post is very helpful for us to create the next propose.
I have one more question. How can I remove the anonymity? In the future, if I want to start another propose, I want to be verified. Should I been verified on forum.polispay.org? Thanks!

Best Regards,

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No problem, this is new for everyone, including us. I’m sure the team will come up with better guides to create, improve and promote proposals.

I don’t think there’s a definitive answer to your question regarding anonymity, but I think it is hard for people to approve 30k USD funding for someone who does not provide any information about himself but a Discord username.

For lower budgets I don’t think anonymity is an issue, but if I wanted to create a proposal for a substantial amount I would try to create a good reputation within the community, provide my real name, areas of expertise, and if possible a link to social profile such as LinkedIn. In this scenario the community can trust more the people behind a proposal and if they require more information they will ask for sure, but I think that’s a good start. :+1:

As I said before, these are not rules per se, these are recommendations so that your proposal has more chances to be voted, and are purely based on my opinion and experience.

Hope to see more proposals from you!

Buy $28.99K domain will not help the project at all…

Hi Luis, Thanks for your advice. I will explain more about myself to our community when I am going to create next propose. The first propose from me is just like a test propose and an advice to DAO team and our community. In my opinion, the DAO funds and community treasury should be used by DAO team. We as community member just advise and vote. In Polis, I only trust DAO team and code contract. Maybe our technology team should consider create a poll option just for community ideas. Not everything is associated with treasury funds.
My Chinese name is 徐黄 and it’s not readable in English. So I choose to use my English name “Dawa” which my Mom call me. My Mom is deaf-mute. She can not pronounce my Chinese name rightly. But the sound from her when she call me is like “Dawa”. So I choose the English name “Dawa” and I am glad to be called from the world same as my Mom call me. I am farmer, fisher and also a Amazon seller. :slightly_smiling_face: Also a crypto lover.
I am new to Polis. The first time I knew Polis is March 30, 2021. Firstly caught me is the name Polis. I hate shit name. You are unable to name it beautifully. How can I expect you to work greatly. Also I am fan of Greece culture. I always like to choose name or words from Greece when I name my project’s domain or other thing in English. After I read all the Polis Medium articles and twitters from the beginning, I decide to invest in this project. To be honest, in my eyes, til now, compared to many other project from 2017, Polis is a failed project. The only point decide me to invest is Polis Team. I like the team behind Polis and trust the team will finally innovate a product successfully.

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Great to meet you, Dawa!

First I want to apologize for assuming your name was made-up for a Discord username, I had never heard that name - the cultural shock is real. I’m glad you decided to join the project, welcome!

As for everything else, we agree on a lot of stuff, I really appreciate you taking the time to create a proposal and discussing your ideas, and we look forward to continue working to make Polis a successful project for DeFi innovation. Hope to see more of you around here!

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Hi Luis, It’s fine. I am happy to join Polis. Such a potential project. I will do my best to do something good for Polis.