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Polis Technical Support Team

The Polis team is pleased to offer support services designed to help our community members in running a masternode or wallet by yourself or with some help.

Our approach is to implement a lean, scalable solution, with a proactive approach to problem solving that keeps your systems and masternodes operating at peak performance.

The Polis Premier Tech Support Will Offer:

  • Manage The Discord Server
  • General support
  • Setup Fresh Nodes
  • Make/Update/Maintain All Guides
  • Additional guide to help people maintain and check if the node is still synced/working
  • Additional services on demand (to be discussed)
  • Represent POLIS when the core Polis team is not available
  • Automated node setup script (updated on each new release)
  • Provide support for the new USECASE "POLISNODES" (scripts + support)
  • Rebuild/fix polis-ninja website
  • Ticketing system for better managing those who need help but may not know where/who to ask

We will require all Support Team member to buy DISCORD NITRO so we can help fight against the scammers using the Support Team’s name to prey on others.

This tech support is experimental. We are aiming for quarterly review of our performance with the core team and to continue to provide the best service for the community.

Please vote to have this premier service available to Polis community.

The team consists of carefully selected community members proficient in their field of expertise and living in very different times zones enabling us to be online “almost 24/7”.

We welcome Hans as a new member in the support proposal, his cross coin tech knowledge is of great value to POLIS.

Period 04/2019-04/2020 => old proposal expires in 03/2019

Evolbyte - Crypto Sharks - Hans


Very excited to see the way the project is developing! As many know, I’ve been trying to help many members when the support department was needed most, right after the wallet upgrades.
Thank you @evolbyte for including me officially into the new support department, it’ll be fun to see my status color go from red to green - I’m no longer dangerous LOL
I’m looking forward to continue helping wherever I can to move the project forward!

Cheers, Hans.

Weekly Polis (01/07 to 01/13)
Weekly Polis (12/31 to 01/06/2019)