Sponsorship for Crypto Podcast


Amantes del blockchain is a video podcast published on DTube and Youtube that tries to reach with quality news to people around the spanish speaking internet that are looking for information on the cryptocurrency world. Just like many other english based shows like Ivan on Tech, Crypt0, Boxminning but in Spanish we want to pursue a short format, 3 times a week show in which we give our view on the many things around the cryptoworld.

We devote a lot of energy on the constant improving of the podcast with better tech and research and try to dig into coins that are not just the popular players like Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum but will go out of our way to reach for the lesser known coins like in this case Polis.

To keep doing our project we want to get sponsored by different coins on the market and want to provide a stronger relationship with them. Giving them premium coverage to their bigger announcements and interesting features and functionalities that might serve our audience.

We are asking for a proposal of 1005 POLIS for a couple of months of show where Polis will be featured on our podcast UI and give special announcements to launches and masternode features just like we have done in the past for other coins.

Our shows go three times a week, 2 dedicated to news and topics and one dedicated to the market and price performance.

Polis will be shown before the start of the show and at the end of the show, it will also be including on our lower third scroll, and we will mention it at least 1 time per week.
We hope to provide enough value for the network and increase the community presence on the ecosystem.

You can check our project at Starcontract on Youtube and DTube and view the previous shows.


Weekly Polis (11/19 to 11/25)
Weekly Polis (10/30 to 11/04)

we need this, more videos talking about polis features and benefits. we can get the word out.


How many months are a couple of months?


couple, means 2 months.

Proposal is live now, please support it.
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If there is any other question, please dont be shy to ask. you can also reach me on Telegram through the Polis channel.


Hello there! Please Join our Telegram Hispanic Group:


Thanks for the invite, I am there, hope to get major support.


This is solid… We really need this. Good proposal @JZA


Thanks Skales, unfortunately the proposal didn’t pass and I am very disapointed with the lack of vision. I see a lot of proposals go to local chapters however ‘land efforts’ are limited by… well… land. And I think usually investing on ‘web efforts’ could go beyond.

Sponsoring a podcast could bring the benefit of discovery for the community in languages that are very popular across the world, without being looked as a form of shill or hype.

At the sametime it will keep people informed of the coin, and give information that otherwise they wouldnt know about the coin which can kickstart research from investors and such. I think the ROI of sponsorship could be easily achieved.

I want to put a new proposal but I would want to get more community feedback on the specific issues of what is holding this proposal from being approved.