- Community discount / Team clothing

We have a new supplier for clothing and merchandise from Berlin (Germany). Check out the website to see some cool stuff. To celebrate the new partnership we have prepared a proposal . The proposal will benefit the community and the Polis DAO - team.

The proposal is divided into 3 parts:

    • discount for the community
    • T-shirts for the Polis DAO - team
    • design competition

In total, a one-time amount of 3100 polis is requested.

About SatoshiGoods:

SatoshiGoods is your one stop shop for high quality Bitcoin T-Shirts, Hoodies and Tank-Tops. We also offer Designs for DASH, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Litecoin and ZCoin. Our Organic Premium Products are super soft, cuddly, perfect for sensitive skin and durable. Cryptomerch to HODL, of course.

Therefor we expand our Return policy for all of our ORGANIC-PREMIUM Products to 30 Days incl. free EU returns.We stand by our quality. Either you’re happy, or you get your money back. Sometimes things are that easy.

Part 1 - discount for the community

A discount code will be created that will allow everyone to get 10€ discount on all Polis products. We will keep a detailed record of all sales together with SatoshiGoods. 1000 polis will be deposited for this purpose, once used up the normal prices will be displayed.


Order a Polis T-shirt for 30 €, enter the coupon code and pay only 20 €.

So the discount is limited! Whoever comes first is sure to get the discount.

- 1000 Polis needed

Part 2 - T-shirts for the DAO Team

We would like to use this opportunity to equip our DAO team for the first time. Every DAO Manager, DAO Submanager and the Polis Core Team will get 1 T-shirt each. That is a total of 15 shirts + delivery. The Tshirts are used for events (meetups, events, interviews, DAO-meetings,…). We want to ensure a consistent and professional appearance of the whole team.

Here an example of the T-shirts:

The 15 people of the Polis team (15 shirts):

DAO Manager (Discord-ID):

Luis - Helios ?#8874, Ricardo Bustos#6197, Bronepoezdec#8668, Frank#8510, MNP_Sido#5191

DAO Submanager (Discord-ID)

Evolbyte-Thomas#6938, Crypto Sharks#7581, Aphrodite#7097, kudin28#3614, Hans (If I DM first -> SCAM!)#3431, TheCryptoDude#0732, HarHer1000#3736, pa40o#7808, Enrique - Cronos#2779, Ares#5051

- 800 Polis needed (production and delivery)

Part 3 - design competition

We would like to make a design competition via Twitter. This contest is done in collaboration with SatoshiGoods. The task will be to create a Polis picture!

Here is an example from a professional designer:

Everyone has the chance to show their creative skills. The following prizes will be awarded:

1st place 550 Polis + own productline on SatoshiGoods (sell your own products)

2nd place 300 Polis

3rd place 150 Polis

The community decides who wins via Twitter voting. We would like to support this with additional marketing on Twitter and on

- 1000 Polis needed (prizes for the winners) + 300 Polis for additional marketing

A total of 3100 are requested with this proposal. This is a one-time request for the next superblock.