Restablish PolisNinja site


PolisNinja is a monitor page for the Polis Blockchain using a great UI to view data from the polis data. PolisNinja used to be running but stop several months ago and the main developer left the project.

Currently there is the effort on having PolisNinja running and we want to get a developer giving the required support.

Having PolisNinja will be a great asset to the community and also a great asset for the newcomer.

Look and feel of the site is similar to this one:

and this one:

The visualization includes information for Blockchain, Masternodes and Proposal owners as well as holders as it includes some basic explorer functionality.

CSS and design could be improved in a future proposal or if the polis value has increased since.

Currently there is a price for development, infrastructure and operational cost as well as miscelaneous or volatility rate of 15%.

Development: 325 USD
Infrastructure: 150 USD
Operation cost: 200 USD
miscelaneous: 100 USD
Total: 775 USD
Polis cost: 1,409.09


Are you going to develop and support it?


My apologies - okay do you have a developer in mind?


Most of the infrastructure is from Polis and yeah the point is to maintain it. But this project is only for launching it as the original has been down for several months.


How long do you take to do it?