Reimbusement to Liquidity Providers from Polis Migration hack


On March 21, we migrated from the Polis Blockchain to the new Polis Token on BSC, however, 100 blocks before the migration ended, some funds were stolen from SouthExchange.

You can read the full article here.

We migrated successfully to a new smart contract and SouthExchange funds were returned, however, those that were on the liquidity pool on PancakeSwap and BurgerSwap were not able to get the new Polis contract address airdrop, and people started selling on the old Polis Pancakeswap pool, draining the BNB from the pools in the process. You can study all the transactions made here:

As a result, the DAO tried to drain some BNB from the pool, and we were able to drain a total of 5.579 BNB from the pool, and we refunded everyone for a total of 9,68 BNB. You can see all the transactions, along with the refunds in the following document

We are asking for a total of 4.11 BNB to cover the refunds of the people on the liquidity pool, which is equivalent to 10k POLIS at the moment of writing. These POLIS will not be sold, and will be used for staking.

Funds will be sent to this address 0xCd07cC93DdD79D0946F9BB3157fe0b5991a227F3.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask,

Ricardo Bustos