Reformulated proposal - We Accept Polis Here


I like every cripto enthusiast I have a desire, to go through my city and go to stores that accept Polis as payment. That’s why I want to create and advertise a software solution that helps me find businesses that use Polis. With my developing skills I will create an android application for this.

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Who am I?

I’am a Professor in a university and a Android Developer at Torres, Rio Grande Do Sul,Brasil,
I’m Professor in ULBRA TORRES the official website of the institution that works ( -corpo-docente).

My Lattes
My social networks in twiter and instagral is @ramonsl
My name on facebook is Ramon Lummertz.
My Linkedin profile My Telegram is @ramonlummertz
About previous experiences, this was the last work I’ve done ( It was a software for APAE (More info, but I have worked on more than 15 projects.

What will I do?

in order for more people to use Polis on a daily basis, I intend to develop an android application that allows Polis users to locate merchants that accept Polis as payment method. In the future also sign ATM currency exchange.

The Application will be collaborative, in which each user can update the information about the acceptance of our crypto. It will be possible to signal that the trade accepts Polis.

The application will be of global use, and I will use the Places API to show the stores. The completion by the user, after logging in, placing the information about the acceptance of Polis.
I think to develop app in 3 languages Portuguese, English, Spanish
I think of also making available a space to find Polis P2P, similar to LocalBitcoins

I would like to hear from you.


How much polis do you need for this proposal?


Nice proposal.
I don’t know if you understand how the budget system is created.
You will have only 1 month to develop that’s the time the payment is done, between super blocks.


I’m not sure how the payment works. But I can make the application in 1 month.


Is it an idea that you find a co-developer (maybe in your university) and doing the same for IOS? So that we have the application runned on two OS systems (the most popular ones)


Yes, but of course that would increase the budget


I will develop the iOS application for 500 POLIS. I have 9 years of iOS development experience and 20 years of software. Easy app for me to develop.


If the proposal is approved, we’ll probably talk then!


I update my proposal