Proposal to Advertise Polis, Increase Demand and Grow our Community


Hi Polis Community,

Thank you for supporting my recent proposals to advertise on MasternodesOnline and CoinMarketCap. Both advertisements were successful and resulted in an increased value & demand for Polis. I am the webmaster of and I run analytic software to determine the success of advertising campaigns.

The MasternodesOnline banner advertisement increased website referral traffic by over 3000%. The CoinMarketCap banner advertisement was shown to over 1,000,000 individual users, bringing great exposure to Polis. These advertising campaigns were supported by the community and the community benefited greatly.

Both of these advertising campaigns have directly correlated with a positive appreciation in Polis value. Each time I’ve run a Polis ad, we have increased demand for Polis, attracted new community members and improved awareness of Polis. There are various positive actions I can’t track with analytic software, such as people who saw our ads and googled Polis, or those who saw the ad and went immediately to exchanges to look for Polis.

Growing our community is the #1 way to increase demand and value of Polis. This method of community-directed advertisement has proved incredibly effective. As members of the international crypto community, we know the best ways to grow Polis: advertising directly on websites used to research new currencies. Traffic on these websites is extremely high quality and demographically relevant since users are researching potential projects to invest in.

I propose an advertising budget of 3,000 Polis to promote Polis on various cryptocurrency websites. We will run more ads with MasternodesOnline and CoinMarketCap, but we will also advertise on Blockfolio, MasternodesPro, CoinCheckUp, BitInfoCharts and more. All community members are welcome to recommend other websites to promote on.

This proposal establishes a monthly advertising budget of 3,000 Polis that will be used to rotate advertisements on several websites. This is a recurring monthly proposal since advertisement spots need to be renewed and actively managed. This proposal will dynamically adjust based on advertising analytics. If an advertisement exceeds expectations, I will shift the budget to advertise more on the high-performing website. If a community member proposes we advertise on a new website, I will hold a community vote and then will use part of the budget for the ad.

The sky is the limit for this flexible and community-directed proposal. I welcome anyone to message me with ideas or websites they want Polis featured on.

As with my past proposals, I will design several banner variations for each advertisement and let the community pick via a vote on Discord. I want Polis to succeed just like all of you and I ask for your support in this proposal. This is no small undertaking and requires ongoing management, but I see massive growth potential and want to do whatever I can to help Polis reach that potential. Thank you for supporting a bright future for Polis!

To vote yes, go to Tools > Debug console and type:

gobject vote-many e1348df2ff6492c0f44ca85ab3dce7c94a88bd1c0396fd62a99218f75de6a54c funding yes

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I want to make a proposal for sponsoring my webcast, maybe you this proposal can include it. Let me know if you need more details.