Proposal How to make it? Reducing rewards


How to make a proposal?

ROI is way too high
I want to reduce reward by 2, ~ 7 polis reward, not 14.4


based on actual data over the past 24 hours

ROI (annual): 151.55% / 241 days
Paid rewards for masternodes: 9,748.8000 POLIS
AVG masternode reward frequency: 3d 11h 14m 16s
Active masternodes: 2,348
Supply: 4,323,739 POLIS
Coins locked: 2,348,000 POLIS (54.30%)
Required coins for masternode: 1,000 POLIS
Masternode worth: €729.37 / 0.13411 BTC


this will dramatically improve the price of polis
attract more people
reduce price dumping
will increase volume
be more sustainable


The block rewards are reduced by 80% every year. This year reduction is in December.