Promotion Polis campaign

Dear Polis community, dear friends.
We are the people who currently lead and support the Russian-speaking Polis community, @kudin28#3614 & @Bronepoezdec#8668 .
We have an idea that we want to implement for a long time and hope for your support.
This proposal was not voiced earlier because of the situation with the Mastercard, but now in anticipation of the start of the open beta-testing of cards from UnionPay, it has become relevant again.

We see a huge potential for development of the Russian-speaking market segment. And most importantly, we know its peculiarities and the mentality of people who will decide to invest in the Polis.
For us and for all of you, it is very important that the project evolved, so it is necessary to enter new markets.
We need advertising financing, financing of the project localization in our Russian-speaking segment and of course your approval.
What we offer:
-Development and maintenance of an advertising campaign, including contextual advertising and promotion in social networks, including promotion of our brand in Yandex, creation and distribution of advertising banners in the network and SMS mailing through mobile operators of the cellular network.(It’s worth a lot of money. This item of expenditure will take about 70-80% of our proposal).
At the moment, we have all the necessary agreements.
-Full localization of the Polis products, including the Russian version of the main website and the PolisPay site.
-As the project progresses, we will participate in forums, exhibitions and seminars dedicated to cryptocurrency and present Polis opportunities in the form of direct communication with investors.
-Reporting on our activities, including direct financial reporting.
-Continued support of the Russian-speaking community, which currently includes a fairly large number of people.
For these purposes, we need a total of 2,000 Polis per month. The term of carrying out and realization of all the plans of the advertizing company makes 4 months, but the 1st results will be much earlier, as we expect!

This amount is calculated so that we can devote as much time to the project as possible.
Support us, this is really important.