Presenting Polis to Brazil (Anteproposal)


Proposal Summary

The objective of the proposal “PRESENTED POLIS TO BRAZIL” is to add value to POLIS through the marketing done in Social media where it can be shared for all social media.

We will present POLIS and soon afterwards, we will make sweepstakes that will have as prize:

  • Crypto-coins POLIS

  • Customized items with the logo “POLIS”

    The draw is intended to get people to pay attention to the information that will be handed over to POLIS.
    This type of marketing will have a low cost, which is a huge advantage.

Who is Velkan?
Velkan is a 20 year old Brazilian who works in the sales area. His passion for criptomoedas began in 2016 when he discovered the famous “Bitcoin”, since then he has been studying altcoins projects that aim to improve the forms of payments / purchases / sales of the day in a simple and objective way, free of absurd taxes that corrupt governments imposes on us, thus fleeing inflation, that only from January to July 2018 had an increase of more than 50% (

Currently, the POLIS community is suffering a lot from the price drop, partly because we are in a bear market, but I believe the main reason is the weak marketing. For this reason I come through this project informing them of how I want to increase demand / liquidity and consecutively the market value of POLIS.

The POLIS community needs a new form of marketing, something strategic, effective, targeting a target audience, it should contain something that catches potential buyers. And why not do it on youtube? Where people go after relevant information, wanting to know a second opinion on a given currency, let’s introduce POLIS to them! Let’s pass confidence with highly credible cryptotubers!
Then comes the question, how do you catch the attention of these people? We will make drawings of POLIS and personalized articles with logo of POLIS (shirts, mugs and pamphlets for dissemination), this will surely get the attention of several people, which made them excited.


1.1 - Contact at least 2 Brazilian cryptotubers.

1.2 - Present the POLIS project to them so they can be making the presentation in their respective channels (talk about the website, explain whitepaper, main objective, governance system, MN’s …)

1.3 - It will be made 2 videos, the 1st for presentation of POLIS and
the 2nd for the draw.

2° Stage

2.1 - Explain the criteria of the lottery, which will be:

  • Follow PolisBlockchain on twitter
  • Join the discord group Polis blockchain - empowering people
  • Be enrolled in the channel that is making the disclosure of POLIS.
  • Share the 2 vídeos on facebook
  • Enjoy “PolispayBrasil” page on facebook
  • Get POLIS Portfolio

2.2 - Contact the participants of the lottery to be sent their addresses to an e-mail, which will be created only for this purpose.


3.1 - Send the amount of POLIS to the channels that will carry out the sweepstakes, where 50% of the total amount will be destined for the Brazilian cryptotubers and the other 50% to make the lottery (note: it is at the discretion of the cryptotuber the amount of winners, except for the articles, which will only be sent to the 1st winner of each channel).

3.2 - After the cryptotubers make the sweepstakes, the articles will be sent within 15 working days (note: the articles will not be sent to the cryptotubers, they will be sent directly to the winners, avoiding additional expenses).


  • Get in touch with channel of high credibility to be doing a guide of configuration of masternode POLIS in Portuguese (PT-BR).

Form of payment

Cryptotubers will receive 50% of the total amount after agreeing to produce the videos, the other 50% will be sent only after posting the videos. Duration of the project The project will start soon after being financed, with a maximum duration of 2 months (60 days).

Why youtube?

With youtube marketing we have a contact with people of different statuses at the same time, a more effective contact than just static advertisements on websites. In youtube we can opine and speak the advantages of the currency and as if that still not enough, we can clarify doubts in the comments, which is already a huge differential!

Why the draw?

The draw is a way of catching viewers, who are even more excited when they see that the steps to participate in the sweepstakes are very simple.

What will the POLIS community gain?

The community will increase and gain more visibility, since if this occurs the demand will be greater, and consecutively the price of POLIS will also increase.

How many people will watch the videos?

Approximately 55,000 people will view the videos, other than the views of the videos shared on facebook.

Can I follow the progress of the project?

Yes! We will be giving feedback on the discord once a week (Sunday).

Why do social media marketing?

1 ° we can show people the personality of POLIS and what it believes. Social networking is a great way to connect with your target audience and they offer the perfect platform to do that. Through the content you share, the way you interact with your audience, and your overall presence, you can show exactly what POLIS stands for.

2 ° We can provide value of the coin for free (Draw). Whether through blogging, free guides or other educational or entertainment resources for consumers.

3 ° As social networks work 24 hours a day, we can keep in constant communication with people who wish to participate in the POLIS community.
Social networks are an excellent platform for establishing POLIS as an authority. By sharing relevant content, answering questions related to the market and being a resource for consultation. People will talk about POLIS on social networks, whether or not you are active on the platform. Communication is much faster.

5 ° the cost of marketing in social networks vs. traditional marketing. The consensus has been that social networking is a much cheaper platform.

6 ° videos will be posted on youtube by cryptotubers (all channels subscribers are potential investors, so the idea of cryptotubers, not to a random audience.)

7 ° People from other countries with Internet access consider accessing the videos, crossing borders. Not limiting Polis to a country or continent.


Criptotubers: $ 3,000 (50% after agreeing to produce the videos + 50% after the videos are on the air).

Guide to masternode PT-BR: $ 30

Articles: $ 200

Fuel / locomotion: $ 250

Compensation: $ 700

TOTAL: US $ 4,180 ~ 5,000 Polis

link to vote:


Gostei da proposta parabens pela iniciativa.


Vlw! Espero que a comunidade aceite de bom grado, grandes acontecimentos estão por vir.


Apesar da recente desvalorização da moeda, confio muito no potencial e crescimento da mesma! Ações como essas irão gerar cada vez mais repercussão e notoriedade. Go Polis!


Disse tudo. Polis está em “Promoção”. kkk


Irei incluir “curtir Pagina PolispayBrasil” aos critérios do sorteio, para cada vez mais aumentar essa comunidade.


Aproveitei pra formar meu primeiro MN, estou indo pro segundo!


Boa ! Fiz meu primeiro esses dias.


Nos gostamos da sua proposta, vamos apoia-lo entre em nossos Grupos da Comunidade Polis Brasil. Para os que ainda não estão lá vou deixar os links.

Comunidade Polis Brasil :brazil: