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This proposal aims at bringing polis into Nigeria. Ever since the inception of cryptocurrency around 2009, Nigeria has since seen an increase in adoption of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum as well as a few other coins have seen a fair adoption rate in the country. Many individuals, merchants, small businesses as well as cryptocurrency enthusiasts have adopted this alternate means of currency into their daily financial life and business transactions.

This shows that a country such as Nigeria is at the forefront of the constant developments going on in the cryptosphere and also pose as a great investment platform for Polis. As a matter of fact, according to Google Trends Chart (2017), Nigeria topped the list of nations with the highest amount of search on bitcoin related information and not only did they top the list based on information search, they also topped the list based on wallet downloads and cryptocurrency trading volume is growing massively in the country. Verify here,
here and here

With this, I and my team of experienced cryptocurrency experts plan to leverage on this opportunity to make polis not just an alternative coin but also achieve a major popularity and mass adoption rate amongst the populace in the country thereby growing Polis community and extending its reach to the heart of Africa.

The key objective of this proposal is to create a strong foothold for Polis in one of Africa’s greatest nations (Nigeria); thereby making Polis a major key player in the country’s journey to cryptocurrency adoption in its financial scene.

This is to be achieved through three self-sufficient methods which have been carefully studied and analyzed. These methods are to be deployed in the following state and in the following order;

a. Plateau State (Population: 3.5 million)

b. Kaduna State (Population 6,113,503 as at 2016)

c. Abuja FCT (Population exceeding 2.4 million as at 2014)

After extensive research and analysis undertaken by our team on more effective marketing strategies that can be used to create the desired awareness and adoption of polis that would span not just across the selected states but with time cut across all other parts of the country, we have designed a list of programs that would be undertaken in the listed states. These have been grouped into three milestones, all of which have been carefully and analytically thought out and planned to the successful completion of the project.

General Preparation
Polis promotion/marketing kit
Our team has created a polis promotional/marketing kit which contains all necessary informative tools on Polis needed to boost marketing outreach of the coin, this kit would contain the following listed items.

  1. Polis Pamphlets (Containing introductory information and relevant links)
  2. Polis vehicle stickers
  3. Polis pull-ups
  4. Polis t-shirts

Milestones I
• Roadshow
We set to organize roadshow events in major strategic traffic zones in the selected state where our team members would hand out polis pamphlets and stickers containing all necessary information of Polis to pedestrians Cyclists and Motorist this marketing strategy have been proven to be very effective in boosting promotion and has been used by business corporations and set-ups to create an exposure to their services and products. The selected traffic zones are listed below

i. Polo Traffic Circle (Plateau State): Through the survey that we conducted in Polo traffic circle Plateau state; we arrived at an estimate of 6,000 – 10,000 vehicles passing the traffic circle daily. This means through this roadshow, about 6,000 – 12,000 people will become aware of Polis.

ii. Stadium Traffic Circle (Kaduna State): From the interview we had with the Kaduna State Road Safety Corps, we were told that about 5,000 - 7,000 vehicles drive passes the stadium traffic circle in Kaduna state. Calculating the number of people that are likely to be in a vehicle, it is estimated that we would be reaching out to about 5,000 - 8,000 people in Kaduna state or more.

iii. Gwarinpa Traffic Circle (Abuja (FCT)): Abuja being the federal capital territory and with so much people rushing into the state from neighboring states for their respective daily businesses with most of them driving pass the Gwarinpa traffic circle; it is estimated that we would be introducing about 8,000 – 16,000 people to the Polis community.

Milestone II
Polis Outlet (Offline & Online): the Polis outlet will be an offline and online exchange which will be creating an avenue for interested/existing users/merchants to buy Polis directly with the fiat currency of their respective countries and vice versa.

We plan to set up a polis outlet in one of the selected states (Abuja) this would serve as both an information hub and an exchange platform for polis, here people can make enquiries on polis and also have the option of having their wallets set up for them and they can also purchase polis using their local fiat currency and have it instantly transferred into their wallets.

The idea here is to build a form of trust and comfortability amongst people as they get to use the currency possibly for the first time. Also people interested in setting up their Masternode on polis would get all the required assistance they need. Setting up this outlet would not only give polis an exposure but also a physical presence in the country.

The outlet will have the following functions within it.
a. Customer Care service (24/7): we will be having a customer care service for existing/prospective users to call/email us regarding the questions they might have as regards to Polis or functionality/navigation of the outlet.

b. Masternode setup consultancy service: this service is involved with our specially trained representatives talking prospective Masternode owners through how they can setup their personal/shared Masternode and also help existing Masternode owners with issues they might be experiencing with their wallets (With the help of the Polis core dev.).

c. Brain wallet setup training: this is a training program which we will be holding for users who are interested in investing in Polis on a long term base but don’t have complete trust for third-party applications/wallets. We will be training them on how they can save their funds using a Polis brain wallet and how they can keep it safe.

Milestone III
Merchant Adoption Program: Within the merchant adoption program is the apex of the whole project. This is to create a platform which makes it possible for users to use their funds (Polis) for the payment of their daily needs which in turn would make it difficult for users to dump Polis for their nation’s fiat since they can utilize it just the same way they can utilize the country’s fiat in the purchasing of goods and services.

I and my team have already spoken to dozens of business merchants who are willing to accept Polis as a payment medium within their establishments and within these establishments include the following; Hotel, Fast food, Bar, Boutique, Unisex Hair Saloon, Mobile device selling vendors, etc.

With the “Polis accepted here” android app in place; it will be easy for users within a specific location to seek out merchants who accept Polis as a medium of exchange; thereby allowing them spend their Polis for daily needs with ease.

Aside from the three (3) milestones to be undertaken, we will be running vigorous adverts on facebook and twitter on what polis offers and how to download the polis wallet.

Skales (Coin-guardian): Proposal owner & project manager.
Bmok: Marketing Communications Specialist.
Kasandra Anthony: Market Analyst
Nnenna Chiekwere: Social Media Expert
Umar: Software Developer

Skales (coin-guardian) has been an active member on almost all Polis social media platforms including; Telegram, Discord and Twitter. Since he on boarded the Polis ship he has made some minute and major contributions to the success of the Polis community.

He has been able to make a Polis Introductory video series for newbies to get a head start on what Polis is all about without having to read much of the whitepaper.

He has been able to get merchants to agree to accept Polis as a legal tender in three major states in Nigeria and is still travelling to other states to introduce merchants to Polis and tell them the benefits of accepting Polis as a medium of exchange along with his team who are highly skilled and experienced in their various listed skills and all cryptocurrency enthusiast themselves.

As work progresses and challenges are being overcome, a fully comprehensive and concise report will be uploaded on the community’s major social media platforms such a Polis forum, discord, telegram and twitter for the community to stay shoulder-to-shoulder with the latest happenings as regards to the project.

This proposal is divided into three (3) milestones which is to be completed within the span of three months. Each milestone is to be completed within one month after which the next month marks the beginning of the next milestone to be embarked on.

Based on the research that was conducted on the amount of vehicles that drive pass the traffic circles in the states in which the first milestone is to be undertaken; we estimated that about 19,000 - 31,000 or more would become exposed to the Polis community and what it has to offer. This brings estimated adoption rate/wallet downloads to about 10,000 or more.

1st milestone
Polis promotion/marketing kit/General Requirement
Polis Pamphlets (18000 copies) = $2000
Polis vehicle stickers (1000 copies) = $1000
Polis pull-ups (2) = $170
Polis team t-shirts (10) = $50
Graphic Design: = $160
Photo Coverage: = $150
Transportation (5 persons) = $700
Accommodation (5 persons): = $1000
Feeding (5 persons): = $300
Team Bounty = $500
1st milestone total = $6030

2nd milestone
Polis-Outlet Breakdown
Office Space: = $1000
Office Chair (x2): = $200
Office Table (x2): = $150
Office Stationaries: = $170
Desktop Computer (x2): = $250
Telephone (x2) = $200
Transaction fund = $2,500
Team Bounty = $500
2nd milestone total =$4970

3rd milestone
Merchant adoption program
Polis Merchant stickers (POLIS ACCEPTED HERE) = $500
Team Bounty = $500
3rd milestone total = $1000

Contingency at 5%: (0.05 * 12,000) = $600

The unavoidable Truth
Weekly Polis (12/03 to 12/09)
Dear masternode owners

My car was scamed at the border with Africa by law forces with customs help! (trip to Dakar )
500$ Land Cruiser purchased specialy for that trip, they told me i have to pay 500$ tax but cant prof this in any way. Just one of the customs guys wanna own it.

So thats is very scamy land. Youtube it for more info. PC use level very low in Africa.

I dont know is “scamy land” good or bad for this proposal and for crypto, maybe africans will scam each others maybe proposal owner scam us.

Admin, we have to look at IP whois of all “Presenting polis in” proposals, looks like same guy or two.


Thank you so much for your comment… But are you trying to say other continents are free of scammers/hackers/fraudsters? I don’t think your answer would be “Yes”.
And for you to say that PC use level is very low in Africa, please i’d like to see your source(s).
Because according to google analytics Africa is one of the biggest users of cryptocurrency.
Sources: and and .

And this is a decentralized community which means the “admin(s)” are not to decide if this proposal is good for the community or not, rather it is the community that decides through their votes.

Lastly; you should check the passed proposals containing “presenting Polis to …” and the work they have done so far so you can tell if i am the same person.

Best Regards!



I support this idea, but I wonder. Wouldn’t it be better to wait until the
polispay card is ready?

Kind Regards,


Thank you so much… I think this is the right time for the proposal as it doesn’t solely depend on the polispay card because the proposal focuses on three major things; awareness, merchant adoption and liquidation (exchange). Currently, the polispay card is at its beta stage, this proposal will lay the right foundation for the awareness, acceptance and acquisition of the card prior to its complete release to the Polis community.

Warm Regards :slightly_smiling_face:


Here is the first completed design of the pamphlet for this proposal.
More will be uploaded so the community can choose out of the available designs. :grinning:

Weekly Polis (11/26 to 12/02)

Feel the same way here