PolisPay - Problem-Solving and Bugs Reporting


This place is specifically for PolisPay app problem-solving and bugs reporting.

This will work as an index on the current guides for trying to solve your problems on your own.


I have looked at the team and the project and I am thrilled. That’s why I recommended making my Fruende Master Nodes. Now I have done the first 2 MN’s, since 3 days and 21h, almost 4 days, the second since almost 3 days. No reward is comming and my friends are very nervous. I have good experience and knowledge in creating Linux and Master Nodes and have already done a lot. In the page of https://polis-ninja.org/ these are displayed with status active (100%), port-check pending and version unknown. The installed version of both the wallet and the server is 1.3.0. Last paid is still Never/Unknown. Can someone tell me if this is normal and/or can take even longer?


Please bring your masternode issue in the Polis Discord Community Support Center https://discord.gg/3A2xpkg


Hey guys,
I actually do not have an icon it’s just the little Android. May you want to put the polis logo up there would look much better :slight_smile: