Hello Polis Community,

We are the Bitcou GmbH from Germany. We work with the Polis team on the integration of vouchers and gift cards into the Polispay App. The Polispay App is currently in the beta phase.


The focus of our company is the D-A-CH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). The partnership with Polispay opens up new international markets for us. We are currently working on integrating vouchers, gift cards and mobile phone recharges into the Polispay app worldwide. This requires a significant additional effort for our employees and higher costs for new development solutions. We want to expand our selection as quickly as possible and integrate more countries and partners into the app.

We work daily with the Polis team, the work and communication is on a very professional level, this we would like to expand and strengthen.
The aim of this proposal is to work together with the community to promote the expansion of the Giftcards internationally and to open up new countries.

The budget for the first three months is 2500 POLIS per month.
This bugdet will be used for the following things:

-Search for new voucher international partners for the Polispay App.
-API development of the voucher interfaces for the Polispay App.
-Development of faster delivery of vouchers in the Polispay App.
-Further development of existing systems and troubleshooting.

After 3 months, depending on the way the project develops and is demanded by the community, another proposal will be made. We will do everything we can to provide you with the vouchers you want. The current selection in the app is a test to see how it is accepted, and to see if the system works. Our goal is to integrate international vouchers into the Polispay app and to massively increase the usability of the app worldwide.

If you have any questions regarding this project proposal, please feel free to contact us on the Polis discord. We are almost always there with the username Bitcou#4542, Ocin#4449 or MNP_Sido

To vote on this proposal, use the “Wallet Governance” tab and find the proposal for POLISPAY-Giftcard-Voucher-expansion. Alternatively, you can manually vote from your console by entering the following:

gobject vote-many 8ca64adbb8246103908b3bb9ba086fdaeb2b70191f48de01913418931d953dc7 funding yes

(or no or abstain, depending on your vote)

Thank you very much, and we hope for your support, with a yes vote to this proposal.

Your Bitcou Team