PolisPay Community Health


PolisPay Community Health

Functional Blood Analysis


PolisPay Community Health is a Polis Supported Functional Blood Analysis Platform. This platform will take a Functional approach when analysing and determining Researched Based Supplemental Protocols. This platform will be run by the Optimal Performance Specialists Clinics in Minnesota, USA.

The Functional Blood Analysis will consist of Demographic, LifeStyle and Blood Analysis. Through this Analysis, you will receive an in-depth (27-30 page) report about the results of your Blood Labs, what each test means, Supplement Recommendations, and/or Medical Intervention Recommendations.

The PolisPay Community Health platform is intended to grow in other Research Based Services, while patients can remain in the comforts of their home. These interventions are not intended to diagnose, but rather treat any shortcomings of care that may cause symptoms. Also, Patient’s will be subject to HIPAA Privacy Laws.


In today’s healthcare atmosphere, many people have had blood tests that are “normal” but they still feel “off”. This, in many cases, is due to assumptions made of certain blood tests and not getting an in-depth look of the many physiological processes.

Another issue with healthcare on a global level, is the exponential increase in healthcare costs. This system is to minimize individual costs, while arming individuals with information that is easy to understand and specific objective findings when searching for health abnormalities.


Optimal Performance Specialists has developed protocols for anyone in the world to get their blood labs analyzed. This can be done by the Patient sending results from a recent blood draw or ordering wholesale blood testing through LabCorps – Blood Testing Facilities throughout the United States. Unfortunately wholesale Blood Draws are only made to patient’s in the United States of America. Once the Patient’s Blood results are analyzed, a supplemental protocol will be recommended. Some of the Supplements will be made available to its patients by directly ordering from Optimal Performance Specialists, however, other supplement recommendations will be made available that can be purchased from other vendors.

Not only will Functional Blood Analysis be made available, but a Polis Centered Platform – PolisPay Community Health – will continually grow with other interventions.

It is important to know. All of these services can be paid for with PolisPay.


Optimal Performance Specialists is currently operated by Board Certified Doctors of Chiropractic in the State of Minnesota. These Chiropractors use Specific Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy, Effective Rehabilitative Interventions, and Researched Based Supplemental Protocols as tools for Functional Neurology. A key component to effective Neurological Stimulation Protocols is through therapeutic supplementation and nutrition practices. Functional Blood Analysis helps the Chiropractic Physicians be much more specific for treating, repairing and stimulating different Viscera and its reflexes to Optimize Neurological Function and remove potentially unwanted symptoms and experiences that may be harmful to health. All interventions will be provided to better the Chiropractic Adjustment.


It is our responsibility, as healthcare providers, to arm our Patients with the knowledge to make the best decisions they can for their health. We recognize that it is our job to investigate, and give our professional opinion and recommendation for treatment; all while respecting and acknowledging the Individual Right of the Patient to make an informed decision that the Individual feels is best for them.

How will the System Work?

  1. Patient will request for:
  • Blood Analysis from Previous Report, or
  • Consultation for Blood Analysis Recommendations (40 Minutes)
  1. These Requests will include
  • Secure One-on-One Consultation

  • Integrative Health Analysis Form

  • Patient Intake and HIPAA Compliance Information

  • Lab Request (If Patient prefers to go through own Medical Doctor)

  • LabCorp Blood Draw Purchase (If patient decides to go to a LabCorp location)

    a. LabCorp Charges $199

  1. Patient will receive their Functional Blood Test Report
  • Very in-depth Report with Recommendations/Protocols

  • With or Without Consultation among patient’s request.

    1. 40 Minute Consultation
  1. Patient will provide an opportunity to purchase Supplements through an online store provided by Optimal Performance Specialists or other venders.

  2. Some Payments can be made with PolisPay. All Payments can be made with Polis and other PolisPay App Supported CryptoCurrency which are collected by Optimal Performance Specialists Clinics.

Polis Request

Phase One: We have put a lot of time, effort, and money creating this system and we want to make it available to the Polis Community. We are requesting 6000 Polis for a website to be developed. The Website will have a Polis logo with a Title “PolisPay Community Health” Subcatagorized “Powered by Optimal Performance Specialists Clinics” or something of this sort.

We expect this to process to take 1-3 months.

Phase Two: We will request 3000 Polis for hiring a social media company to advertise our PolisPay Community Health Platform.

We should have this portioned lined up immediately after the completion of the Website.

We want the opportunity to pay for all of these services using PolisPay, and we want to make it a priority for people to know that they can pay with cryptocurrency through PolisPay or Peer-to-Peer Crypto Transactions.


The Pictures below are a few pages of what the Report would look like.