PolisCore Block Readjustment Proposal


On behalf of the Polis Core Team, I am proposing to the community a reorganization on the Polis block distribution.

This proposal will be voted by the masternode owners to make sure we get consensus on the entire community.


Since the launch of the Polis Blockchain, we are trying to push towards our main goals and core values. With changes over the cryptocurrency markets, the learning curve, Polis issues, and proyects, we think is time to make some modifications over the money distribution.

After talking and thinking with the Polis Core Team, we agreed that we need to do the following modifications.

Current Distribution:

Currently, the block distribution is the following:

Block Reward: 20 POLIS
Block Reduction: 80% every year. 
Block Distribution: 10% for Governance. 72% for Masternodes. 18% for Stake.

New Distribution:

We believe the Masternode Reward and the Stake Reward should be redistributed since they both help the network on a different way.

The Governance system is one of the most important things for the Polis Blockchain since it allows the entire community to participate and take decisions over the future of the entire project.

Block Reward: 20 POLIS
Block Reduction: 80% every year. 
Block Distribution: 20% for Governance. 50% for Masternodes. 30% for Stake.

If the new Distribution system is agreed, the Polis Core Team will start the following campaigns:

  1. A Proposal Budget for exchange listing, funded by the governance.
  2. A Proposal Budget for the Polis International foundation to start funding projects that will build systems for people empowerment and polis use cases

Voting Method

To make sure the proposal is accepted, we will count the votes only if at least 80% of the masternode owners vote. To mark as an accepted modification we will need at least 50% of the voting masternodes to mark as accepted.

We really believe these modifications will help us to build a bigger and stronger community, If you want to share your ideas, follow the discussion here on the forum.



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Polis Project Weekly Updates (05/13 to 05/20)

I’ll throw in my 2 cents. Your really making 2 changes with this proposal. 1 increase the governance to 20% I agree with this part. The second part is redistributing the remain block rewards. I feel like this is changing the rules in the middle of the game. Your asking the master node owners to give up 10% of the reward for governance and give up a further 12% to the stakers. I don’t understand POS staking enough to understand why this is beneficial. Are you trying to encourage larger stakers? Larger UTXO’s for staking? Does that increase the difficulty so an attack vector is less likely? Do you feel like decreasing the rewards will decrease the number of master nodes? What about increasing the collateral to decrease the number? Just offering food for thought.


Thanks for your opinion.
I think we all agree on the governance increase, so I’ll move on to explain why we need to encourage more stakers.

Staking or (Minting) is essentially the same thing as Mining. It is one of the core values and completely needed by the network. The entire blockchain system is based on “honest” nodes that create the chain. On Bitcoin that process is called Proof-of-Work. On Polis, the process is Proof-of-Stake.

We need more people staking the network to provide a better distribution over the chain creation and lower the risks on vector attacks. It is really necessary.

I don’t think decreasing the Masternode Reward will decrease the number of masternodes. But we need to increase the number of stakers to provide more distribution over the rewards.


I will support the project and the new (proposal), what good is it to us if all the ideas can not be implemented because there is not enough budget. Even if the reward will be a bit smaller for the masternode owners, the usecase for polis will grow much stronger, and this is the most important thing of all. The stability of the network and a better reward for the Staker is just as important. Go on, you’re doing a great job.