Polis support for Podcast


I am relaunching this proposal after engaging a lot more with the Polis community, and will hope get some better traction into what it could be. I encourage people to read community member 'Emptey aka Skakales on the necesity of building the digital communication as a strategy to make people aware of the project.

FYI I myself found out of this project through a friend that himself found it from masternodes.buzz an online site that tracks masternode based coins.

For people that want to identify if sponsoring a podcast is waste of resource, I can build the analogy that thanks to an online media it was possible for him and others to learn on the project and get masternodes on the network. So there is a ROI on making one available to the public.

My podcast has already been sponsored in the past by coins such as Bitcoin Cash and Horizen, and I got multiple messages from people wanting to learn more about them, as well as being interested on the announcements that they learn from my podcast.

I think with the limited space of spanish based podcasts that are out there, bringing news from low cap coins is a bit of rarity and also is a great opportunity to capitalize on chances like this.

Why now?
I am sure that right now is a perfect timing to invest in marketing, as we face a bare market and people are looking for the next great project to invest to be able to capitalize on the worn assets after the crash. This is justified by doing research from trusted sources (think clif high) and how he was instrumental to give a lot of new coins a competitive advantage.

What would the sponsorship give the project?
Before the start of the show a voice will say ‘this show is brought to you by Polis’ as it shows the logo of the coin on screen. At the end of the show the same voice and logo will say ‘this show was brought to you by Polis’.

news from the community will be mentioned on the shows as they come up, for example. ‘Polis has launched their new version of the Core wallet, with the following features and bugfixes…’.

What else can we expect from the sponsorship?
The show notes will include the polis url regardless if it was featured on the show.

How long will the sponsorship last?
A monthly fee of 500 usd at the given polis rate plus volatility adjustment of 15% (currently at 0.55+15% for a total of 1045 POLIS).

What will that budget will be used for?
This budget will allow me to dedicate to the research of the news for the show as well as given indept analysis of the markets, and keep an audience engaged on their language.
It will also help me with expenses of marketing of the show as these posts will be promoted through the steemit network and actively gain users.
We’ll also ask the newcomers to show up on the social media networks on Telegram and Discord.

How can we contact you?
I am available as @jzarecta on Telegram and @JZA#1870 on Discord

Link to the show: https://d.tube/#!/c/jza

Support the proposal by voting:
polis-cli gobject vote-many 2f1cd5aae943c0905c985c0d6f712acb079b6faf076a5e4d76008f482e89607c funding yes

Dear masternode owners
Weekly Polis (12/03 to 12/09)

You should definitely add your social media links, so we can see your past podcasts.


I put the Telegram and discord nicks for contact, but you can also do so on Twitter @jza


I mean your youtube and dtube links, otherwise MNO won’t know what have you done before.


Ah got it. you can find the videos here: