Polis sponsorship on Meetups in Cancun


We have a Crypto group in Cancun, Mexico, we want to get Polis better known to the community. We want to run a campaign that we have seen work over and over. Sponsoring drinks and consumption during our weekly meetups we can bring more attention of the coin including having users download and use the tokens.

We reinburse the users with Polis tokens for the amount that they spent during the meetup. So if they spend a few dollars for a drink and cake, they can get the import of the meal in Polis coins.

We are budgeting 250 USD for a total of 4 meetups during the month. We would be reporting after every meetup a picture with the members and the wallet as well as some signage showing Polis.

Our meetups we talk on general market prices and crypto related topics but we can also talk specially about learning about what Polis bring, PolisPay and other features which they can participation.

270 USD – 360 Polis (10% volatility and market spread)
Week reinbursement 280 Polis
Cost for producing stickers and 20 Polis
Administration cost 60 Polis

4 weeks of development

Posts on here about the project


Meet-ups are great way of marketing and promoting something new. With this project, the budget is low with a great person behind. JZA is known in the cryptocurrency atmosphere and for that matter the community can tap some of his experience and his influence.