Polis Social Media Advertisement on Minds.com


Polis Social Media Advertisement on Minds.com

What is Minds.com:

Minds is an open source and distributed social networking service, integrating the blockchain to reward the community with ERC-20 tokens for various contributions to the network. Users can use their tokens to promote their content or to crowdfund and tip other users by subscribing to them monthly in exchange for exclusive content and services.

Minds has become popular for its commitment to privacy, decentralization, optional anonymity, radical transparency, free speech, and user rewards in contrast to the surveillance, secrecy, censorship, and algorithm manipulation occurring on many proprietary social networks.

Why Minds.com

The Polis Community and Minds Platforms seem to share big picture characteristics and philosophies. With that said, the Minds community may be a high target market for Polis Growth and users already familiar with cryptocurrency… The Minds Platform consists of over 1.25+ million Registered Users as of August of 2018.


I would like to create an account on behalf of Polis and advertise the content that is shared on Discord and other platforms such as:

  • Polis and PolisPay YouTube Videos
  • Polis Weekly Information
  • Community Project Owner Updates
  • PolisPay Purchases
  • Community Funded or Volunteered Podcasts
  • Anything interesting related to Polis
  • Masternode Analytics Reports


I would like to aggressively build a community for a self sustaining advertising stream of tokens for Minds.

How to Earn Mind Tokens:

To earn tokens on the platform, all you need to do is perform almost any normal action that one would do on a social media site. For instance, you can make a post, like or dislike something, share a photo, upload a video, or write a blog post. You can also “remind” something, which is like re-posting or re-tweeting, that you found on the site to your own feed. Earning tokens on the site is so simple that even just logging into the profile page on a browser or on the mobile app counts as a check in and can earn you cryptocurrency.

Each action that you make on the site is worth a different number of points. These points are then added up to your daily contribution total. Simple actions like checking your feed or uploading something are only worth a small amount of points. Conversely, contributing content like sharing a link or writing a blog post are worth more.

At the end of each day, everyone’s point totals are added up and you are given a percentage based on the total number of points that you earned in comparison to everyone else on the site. Then, you will be given a daily token payout that is equal to the total amount given out to the network each day divided by the percentage of points that you contributed. In other words, if you were to contribute a lot of actions on a slow day, you would get more tokens than you would by contributing the same amount on a busy day. In our tests with the site, we found that doing at least a couple actions each day would get somewhere between 0.1 and 0.03 tokens per day.

Measurements of Success and Community Updates:

I plan to give screenshots of subscriber updates, views, likes etc. on a bi-weekly - Monthly basis. I will also create a spreadsheet to track long term growth. I hope to be able to create nice quarterly reports on percent growth.

Mind Tokens:

Tokens will be reinvested for advertisement of Polis and PolisPay on Minds.

Community investments

Phase 1 (first 6 Months): 4000 Polis/ Month.

  • Building Subscribers aggressively with significant investment - Building Token For Sustainable Advertisement.

I will request 3 months of payment for proof of concept, first. I will request the second portion of phase 1 so everyone can analyze progress and decide if this is what they would like to continue to do.

‘Phase 2 (Second 6 Months): 2000 Polis/Month

  • Retaining more Mind Subscribers, Tokens and Supplementing High Performing Posts.

Weekly Polis (11/26 to 12/02)