Polis Security Tips


Polis Security Tips

  • Before you buy Polis Coins, first of all, you have a secure operating system.
  • Upgrade from Windows 7 + 8 to 10 for free. Or alternatively use a free Linux.
  • Build a Windows PE live system, which only starts from the USB stick.
  • Computers with several family members (users), I advise to use them.
  • Always avoid Internet cafés or all public computers.
  • Familiarize yourself with safe password handling outside the computer! First write passwords on paper first and then transfer them to the program for encrypting the wallet.
  • Encrypted copies (with Keepass, 7Zip …) on several USB sticks of the passwords and the wallet.
  • Generally do not store passwords on the PC.
  • Safe passwords have more than 24 characters or take a very long sentence that only you know.
  • Generally tell nobody if you have cryptocoins.
  • Need your help, never share personal information, passwords … Blackened, always cuts desktopprints before sending.
  • Polis Support NEVER sends setup files directly and never asks for passwords or personal information.
  • Always skeptical and careful of your Internet counterparts.
  • Always read the FAQ of polis and pinned info. Everything important is deposited there.


Hi There I want to get involved with Polis but I am weary about downloading unknown software onto my computer.

I went to your https://www.polispay.org/#downloads page and I have downloaded the core wallet but i won’t run it until I can get the GPG signatures from a trusted source. The link at the bottom of the downloads page is broken. I have searched the forum for ‘GPG’ but nothing comes up.

Please can you help?