Polis Promotion in Turkey


Hi Polis Community.

As we all now Turkish investors are a important part of cryptocurrency world.The success of stakenet and deex is mostly due to Turkish investors.So why should’t POLIS also get same interest from them.I’ve been following Cryptocurrency since several years and started to collect good friends.I want to handle PR works on Turkey.I do beleive if Turkish community adopt Polis and Polispay it will be much more beneficial for both side and I’ll do my best to provide this.

What I am offering for POLIS ?

  • I will invite turkish investors in Turkish telegram and Discord channels and will be leading them.
  • I will support Polis team in meetings with Turkish exchanges which I will provide for them.
  • Whitepaper Translation to Turkish.
  • Reaching to new investors.
  • Preparing Turkish guides
  • I’ll make an agreement for Cheap Trustless Masternode hosting for Polis holders to provide increase on Masternodes.
  • I’ll be ready if I am needed in different situations as well.

Total Requested: 1 masternode = 1,000 POLIS

My Referrences:
I am TPoS Merchant in Stakenet Community
Working Marketing Department in GoByte
Currently Dealing with Bitcoin Green

You guys can check their discord channels to see my duty.
Discord name = (XSNTurkishMerchant)