Polis Project Weekly Updates (04/15 to 04/21)


Polis Project Weekly Updates (04/15 to 04/21)


  • A new PolisPay version v7.1.2 was released last week, where the PolisPay Shift function was supposed to be activated, however, we had to disable it due to an issue we found. We hope to reactivate this function, alogn with ERC20 tokens in the following weeks.
  • DeepOnion is now on PolisPay v7.1.2
  • We are still integrating prepaid cards to the PolisPay App, we hope to have this feature added in the following weeks.
  • Regarding the negotiations with card providers,we are looking into creating a corporation in Europe, so that we can start closing the deals with the European card provider. However everything is looking good, and negatiations are going great.
  • The PolisPay Team will be at Jalisco Talent Land, looking for new partners and growing our contact list, if you happen to be in this event, be sure to visit us.

Polis Core

As you may already know, the fork happened last week, and was partially succesfull. From the fork, we can conclude the following:

  1. POS v3 for failed. Failback mechanism was triggered and we are back to POS v2. We will release a new version next week and will be forking again on May 5th. Please stay tuned for more information regarding this matter.

  2. Masternode winners list is fixed, and you should start receiving your rewards as normal.

  3. Some QT issues are confirmed to be fixed.

Community Management and Outreach

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A Weekly Polis (such as this one) will be posted each Monday of each week in Medium, Discord, and Bitcointalk and links to both will be shared across all social media.

We’re deeply grateful with all your support from our community and our partner’s communities also and we want to thank you for reading. Together we are strong and we will strive just as we’ve done before to give you all the best!