Polis Partnership with US Government Sponsored Non-Profit & Online Suit Company


Greetings Polis Community

My tag is nomadicgentleman (formerly rdif) and I have been apart of the Polis community since Dec. 2017, slightly after its launch. I am presenting a proposal to the Polis community that I feel can be beneficial for all parties involved. I currently run a online made to order suit company called “Nomadic Gentleman”.

The Nomadic Gentleman was created as a platform, through travel & professional attire, to bring people people together regardless of geographical location, race, culture, language, customs or beliefs. Suits are one of the few things on Earth that are truly universal.

A huge part of the company is the 1 for 1 campaign where the Nomadic Gentleman donates a suit for every suit purchased. For the end of Q2, I have partnered up with “Upward Bound”, a organization I worked with while I was enrolled at my University to gift the graduating male class suits for their graduation! Upward Bound is a federally funded educational program within the United States. The goal of Upward Bound is to provide certain categories of high school students better opportunities for attending college. The categories of greatest concern are those with low income, those with parents who did not attend college. I worked with this program as a mentor during my time at Trinity University where I studied International Business & Finance.

Suits, depending on a person’s demographics or background, can often be looked at as a luxury item or an amenity when in reality they are a necessity for any aspiring or current professional. We’ve come to the conclusion that there’s is a disparity among different demographics in regards to access to affordable professional attire. These are not people being forced to better, they WANT and STRIVE to become better. Lack of financial resources should not be a reason someone should not get their dream job or position, or keep them from progression. The Nomadic Gentleman is here to help even the playing field.

We are looking to find financial sponsors for the graduating males, around 40 students. Personally being a part of Polis since Dec 2017 as an owner of masternodes I have a direct incentive to see this project through successfully. Seeing the consistent commitment to growth and philanthropy, I thought Polis community would be a great place to secure sponsorship. My university, Trinity University, one of the top universities in the country (top 100) and number #1 in the west the past 25 years, will be helping in the launch of the campaign as a marketing partner.

Benefits of the Partnership

  1. National US & international exposure via branded marketing material sent out by the University to thousands of Alumni employed by top fortune 500 companies & the Nomadic Gentleman news letters sent to customers
  2. Upward Bound is a national organization with a huge list of chapters and thousands of millennials employed and participating (good target market for Polis coin)
  3. Helping to change lives by increasing the chances of job placement, scholarships, fellowships and internships due to professional attire (AN ABSOLUTE GAME CHANGER)
  4. Polis logo with be branded into the custom suit labels (walking advertisements)
  5. Partnered with another Alumni who has a segment at a news station in the 7th largest city in the United States. (Fox San Antonio) The campaign and gifting of the suits will be featured on the new station as well as the sponsors involved. (HUGE EXPOSURE via Social Media and Television)

This campaign will happen regardless, but it would just be amazing and an honor to have the Polis community spearhead the initiative!

Financial Requirements
We have partnered with the suit manufacturer to put together classic 2 piece navy slim fitted suits. I am personally committed to matching 50% of the total cost if donated by the Polis community. Like I mentioned, this is an initiative that WILL happen as I will be meeting with the University and Upward Bound in early January to solidify the sponsors and logistics, but if I can bring more people and exposure to Polis while changing lives simultaneously, then why not?!

40 Students x $125 Suits = $5000

5000 x .50% = $2500 - Polis Community Contribution (Around 4,600 Polis today, to offset for price volatility, we’re asking for 5,000 Polis) This will go towards the costs of the suits and custom labels.

$2500 - Nomadic Gentleman Contribution. We will handle the other 50% of the costs, in addition to shipping and packaging the suits.

This is a proposal with actual TANGIBLE deliverables (suits) and results (branded marketing material). This would be a UNIQUE and UNMATCHED opporutunity to partner with a high ranked US College as well as a United States Department of Education funded organization!


Did you thought already about accepting crypto currencies as a payment on your page?
For example polis as a start? This would give a unique usecase to the community as well and bring us forward to get listed on bittrex as well!



Great question! Yes I had cryptocurrencies as as option on my shop page (BTC, ETH, Polis and a few others) but currently it isn’t like checking out with paypal or via an API or interface. You leave the designated address and the customer has to manual send the payment themselves. So I’m currently searching for any add on apps for the website builder I used that might accept crypto but haven’t had luck yet. Hopefully this is something we as a community will push for and make happen. I would love to be a merchant that utilizes PolisPay.


Hi, I have built many merchant POS applications and I’m working on rolling out a Polis acceptance system that might help you.
Cheers, Hans.


Looking forward to seeing what you produce Hans!


I can help you in this case. My website developers could get it on your page in basically no time. Maybe you just shoot me a message on discord!