Polis Infographic Video Series


Proposal summary

“Polis Infographic Video Series”

The objective is to develop material that can be shared in all types of social networks and advertising media that help to publicize the main attributes of Polis to achieve greater diffusion of our project.

A series of 6 infographic videos will be developed

  1. Introduction to Polis (sample)
  2. Polispay Walet and Integrated Card
  3. Community and Governance,
  4. Masternode: what they are and why they are a good investment,
  5. Blockchain Polis and explain what a blockchain is
  6. Support for social impact projects

The videos will be developed by a member of our community Denys85 # 3007 under the supervision of some members of the Core Team

The total cost of making the videos will be 1,100 polis.

The videos will be made in a period of 2 to 4 weeks.

The videos will be published on our networks, web page and youtube channel that will start with this series.

This will be the beginning of the development of materials that seek to help promote the culture of the Blockchain from Polis we want to be able to start later with the Polis School program.