Polis Diagnostic Tool

Hi Community,

this is Thomas(Don Dantez in Discord). I’m from Germany, a programmer for about ten years and since February 2019 a polis enthusiast.

There are a handful of pages on the web to check your nodes and track the current price. I am currently developing the diagnostics tool that gives you all relevant information at a glance.

The Diagnostic Tool should become the first point of contact for information about the Polis Blockchain. Wallet connectivity and the use of public APIs collect and process all useful information you will need.

In the first step, there is an overview of all useful and relevant information, such as:

Governance (Info Superblock, Budget, Overview Proposals and Votes)
Blockchain (information about blocks, list of DIP3 masternodes, masternode monitoring)
Current market and price information

The service is backed up in the background by several Daemons. A complete downtime is counteracted. Wallet updates are initially done within a very short time or on the same day. Later automatically.

The budget will be used to finance the development, build the infrastructure, and hosting costs till December 2020.

Incidentally, the development is already underway.

If the proposal is accepted by the community, more exciting things will come to us.



How about some information about budget required?

I’ve calculated a budget of 1300 Polis for two months.
First results should be ready before.

I dont find you in Discord. What is your ID?