Polis DAO Proposal April 2021

Dear Polis community,

This the first proposal of the 5 DAO managers after the migration to the Binance Smart Chain. The DAO is requesting a budget to drive the roadmap and development of the project forward. The 5 DAO managers were elected by the community to develop the project in a faster and more structured way. Here is the overview of the requested funds from the Polis treasury for each DAO Department.

Special mention Kindynos!

We want to thank our partner Kindynos, who covered 50% of the costs for the Polis audit with over 9000 USD. The whole DAO is thankful for this support in the name of the whole Polis Community!

The funds are calculated on a Polis price of 0.25 USD.

DAO Technology

The DAO Technology Team requests 7172 Polis ($1793.00 USD). This amount will be used to re cover the costs of the last audit for the Polis protocol. The audits will be performed by Red4Sec (https://red4sec.com).

This will help the DAO recover 10% of the total audit cost, having the DAO paid 50% of the total.

A separate proposal for Kindynos operation will be created later, just as in the old chain.


  1. Audit Polis Protocol: $1,793.00 USD (10% of total cost).

For further questions please contact the DAO Technology Manager:

Luis Correa - helios@polispay.org

requested: 7,172 Polis

DAO Marketing

The DAO marketing team is requesting 6,240 Polis ($ 1,560.00 USD). This amount will be used to cover the cost of the new website and the rebranding of Polis.


  1. rebranding: $660.00 USD

  2. new website: $900.00 USD

For further questions please contact the DAO Marketing Manager:

Maria Sidorova - maria@polispay.org

requested: 6,240 Polis

DAO Business

The DAO business team is requesting 8,000 Polis ($ 2,000.00 USD) . This amount will be used to implement the cost of a developer bounty with our partner Blockchain Center. (https://www.blockchaincenter.com)


  1. Hackathon Bounty: $ 2,000.00 USD

For further questions, please contact the DAO Business Manager:

Andreas Meyer - andreas@polispay.org

requested: 8,000 Polis

DAO Community

The DAO community team requests 4800 Polis ($ 1,200.00 USD). This amount will be used to improve social media activity and increase our reach.


  1. Spanish community manager: $ 200.00 USD

  2. to hire a new international social media team: $ 1000.00 USD

For further questions, please contact the DAO Community Manager:

Marc Rapf - marc@polispay.org

requested: 4800 Polis

DAO Adoption

The DAO adoption team requests 624 Polis ($ 156.00 USD). This amount will be used to cover server costs and working materials for the DAO.


  1. DAO general costs (server, hosting): $156.00 USD

For further questions, please contact the DAO Adoption Manager:

Frank Servedio - frank@polispay.org

requested: 624 Polis

DAO Manager Costs

In addition, the DAO Team requests 5,000 Polis as an expense allowance for each DAO Manager (1000 polis each). This covers the invested time of the DAO managers for the month of April.

requested: 5,000 Polis

31.836 Polis are requested with this proposal.

The payment goes to the DAO Wallet , this is a Gnosis Safe Multisig Wallet. Each payment requires the approval of at least 3 DAO managers, ensuring the highest security of the funds.

All Polis DAO expenses/payments will be published in the quarterly report (Q2) by the DAO Business Team in July 2021. Unfortunately, it is not possible to mention all payments in detail, as NDAs had to be signed. We will make all payments as transparent as possible and publish them.

The next DAO public meetings are:

April 28th, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. UTC - Ask Me Anything (PolisPay Ecosystem - YouTube)

5th May 2021 at 7:00 p.m. UTC - Team Talk (https://discord.gg/zaqy99Js)

The Polis DAO thanks the community for their support and trust.

Your DAO Team


Proposal executed.