Polis: Cryptocurrency Academy

Project Explanation

The Polis Blockchain communication team has noticed that we lack an automated way to attract people to the Polis Ecosystem. All marketing that has been done to polis has been done either by people recommending the polis project to other people, or a marketing effort by the polis team and the community. Very few people stumbles upon our project in an organic way.

With this in mind, Nadya (Aphrodite) and me (Ricardo Bustos, Eros) propose to create the solution to bringing organic traffic to our project, in a way that does not need us to to be actively making marketing efforts: “Polis: Cryptocurrency Academy”.

What is it?

“Polis: Cryptocurrency Academy” will be a blog, twitter and YouTube channel dedicated to create free blockchain and crypto education articles and videos for everyone, tutorials on how to do some non-obvious tasks, and explain difficult topics to crypto beginners. The academy is public and accessible without registration.

We will create the content in both video and text forms, and we will make them with the following principles in mind:

  1. The content must be high quality, using high quality production techniques.
  2. The content must be future proof.
  3. The content must be a high demanding topic.
  4. We will talk about polis whenever possible, trying to convert students to Polis Holders, or PolisPay users. We will also use POLIS branding in t-shirts, channel design and website.

With this principles in mind, the student will go through this sales funnel:
User search for crypto content → Finds our content on YouTube, or on a blog post → The student learns what he has come for, and learns about POLIS → The student may buy POLIS, or download the PolisPay Wallet.

For this initial phase, we are going to create 2 full courses, which will be divided into smaller videos to help with SEO and help them getting found in an easier way:

Basic course for the cryptocurrency investor. (Name of the topics are not final, need to do some SEO research)

This course will be aimed to the people that want to have cryptocurrency as an investment but know nothing about the world of cryptocurrencies. We noticed that usually there is a lot of information spread on the web, and the investor usually gets overwhelmed and leaves the idea of owning crypto. With that in mind, we propose the following topics for the course:

  • What is a cryptocurrency.
  • Speculative investing.
  • Why do cryptocurrency tend to be an appreciative asset .
  • Advantages of owning cryptocurrency.
  • A presentation on bitcoin.
  • A presentation on ethereum.
  • A presentation on polis.
  • Passive income with cryptocurrency (Mining, Masternodes, CASPER).
  • Cryptocurrency wallets: The complete guide (Sending, receiving, what is an address, fees, hardware wallets, seed phrases) (We will be using PolisPay for this)
  • Exhange your cryptocurrency (PolisPay Shift)
  • How to buy cryptocurrency.
  • How to secure your cryptocurrency.

We also take suggestions on topics, and these topics are not final, we can change them based on the community opinion.

Basic course for the cryptocurrency developer: (Name of the topics are not final, need to do some SEO research)

We noticed that there is so little information on how to be a cryptocurrency developer on the internet, while being a high demanding topic. So we propose the following topics.

  • How to compile a cryptocurrency wallet.
  • How to setup a blockbook explorer.
  • How to fork your own coin (We will use POLIS as an example)
  • RPC commands, how to use some of them (this will be several videos).
  • How to connect javascript and python to a wallet via RPC (POLIS and bitcoin wallet as an example).
  • Developing a simple non-custodial wallet (mnemonics, private keys, public keys.
  • Creating a blockchain from zero (Again, very simple, the developer learns about POW, addresses, blockchain).
  • Olympus.

We are asking for 3200 POLIS, as three payments for this phase, these funds will be used in the following:

  • A good camera equipment.
  • A microphone.
  • Hire a copywriter to create the written content.
  • Hire a video editor for the project.
  • Polis: Cryptocurrency Academy website design and servers.
  • Ahrefs one year subscription (This is a tool that helps us research on SEO keywords, and see if our content marketing strategy is going on a right direction).

This proposal will be reviewing statistics and will be an initial phase for the content marketing strategy for Polis Blockchain, and if we get a good result from it, we will create another proposal when this one ends for less budget since we will already have the equipment. We will share with the community the results from this proposal in a monthly basis after we launch it.

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If you have any questions, please let us know. We’ll be happy to help.