Polis Core Issue Update


Hello Polis Community.

As you may know, there have been many issues with the 1.4.8 update, which attempted to solve the PoS vulnerability recently found. When we forked to 1.4.8 update, someone tried to take advantage of this, and started to send invalid blocks, causing the chain to fork , thus creating many forks from the main chain.

The Polis Team has been working hard to get this fixed ASAP, so we will make a 1.4.9 version with all this fixes, and we will also rollback from a block before the issues started happening.

We truly understand and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused among our valued community.

Despite this recent setback however, there are still many great things are coming this month (February) once we overcome this:

  • PolisPay open beta will go live. - PolisNodes will go live.

  • Polis will be listed in https://crex24.com/.

  • Olympus project will be announced.

  • New roadmaps will be released for Olympus, PolisNodes & PolisPay.

We appreciate your patience, please wait for a further announcement when the new wallets are ready, we will provide a guide on how to update.