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Education-based marketing is probably the most effective method to advertise a new product. This project is therefore focused on bringing innovative ideas from undergraduate and postgraduate students in Ghanaian Universities based on their knowledge in marketing, technology, journalism, finance,accounting, communication etc.The reason is to educate them on the importance of youth savings as a means of creating access to and a key link between economic opportunities and outcomes for young people and enabling them to manage emergencies, invest in their education as well as improve their future orientation. At the same time advocating massively for the adoption of POLIS in the Ghanaian market


  • Increase POLIS brand awareness.
    Especially towards students, lectures and among other stakeholders

  • Encourage long lasting notoriety in top 3 universities .
    As we partner with other associations, POLIS will benefit from a year round presence in the 3 top universities we would tour: POLIS logo will be associated to all events we will sponsor and be printed on the jackets of other associations we will collaborate with. Plus, we’ll publish articles about it regularly in the student FB group and association websites.

    Grow the POLIS network
    A lot of renowned companies come go to the various universities to recruit students. By showing strong presence here, POLIS would naturally attract some of tomorrow’s top managers in the days to come.

    Create campus ambassadors
    Train students who show outstanding skills during our workshop and presentation to further promote Polis in their various universities

Ghana is a relatively large country with an estimated population of over 27 million people. The youth plays a major role in the development of any country. But unfortunately, in Ghana more than 1.2 million persons from 15 years and older are estimated to be unemployed, representing the 11.49% unemployment rate in the country. However, the good news is that about 90% of the Youth 18-35years use a smart phone and have social media accounts like WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc. This therefore provides sufficient room to actually promote Polis through the youth who are mostly in the Universities. The training will be held in three(3) different university campuses across the country. More than 100 participants are expected to attend the workshop at each selected campus University of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), and the University of Education (Winneba).

The presentation will be advertised (native/organic) within the various universities Facebook groups. To widen the reach, a small budget will be utilized for Facebook Ads.

On-The-Ground-Promotion at the university will be executed with collegiate assistants and departmental committee’s support.

Advertisement will be launched in the local newspapers and I further endeavor to publish an editorial article.

Additional such as Twitter, email distributions, Linked-In, Pinterest, Instagram, XING, Whatsapp, flyers and bulletins.

If anybody shouldn’t be able to attend a presentation, they may feel free to contact me directly in order to master the step-in to POLIS

Furthermore I will broadcast videos on my YouTube channel to educate people and students who could not attend our seminars.

The project
The project will see two meet ups/training, a 30 minute radio discussion program, a meeting with the Student Representative Council (SRC) and creating online platforms in all the 3 selected Universities. Each of these meet ups are expected to record at least 100 participants whereas the radio discussions will be heard by about 40,000 people with phone in sessions for questions and answers. Polis tokens will be given to participants at each campus and listeners who phone in and answer questions during the radio programs.

Action Plans:
All participants would be trained on how to set up Polispay wallets and how they can also promote it through their social media accounts and also bringing more ideas to promoting Polis. In addition, Ten (10) Participants from each university who seems active and demonstrate excellent understanding of the blockchain technology and Polis technology would be selected to serve as campus Ambassadors for Polis Below is our planned activity:

Event Plan
30 minutes radio presentation each about Polis in each university campus selected

All participants will receive;
5 minutes training on the blockchain technology. Presentation by (Speaker 1)

10 minutes training on Cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, ethereum, etc. Presentation by (Speaker 2)

30 minutes training on Polis(Polispay) Presentation by (Speaker 3)
how to download and setup Polispay wallets
key features of Polis ie Polis forums, Polis pay cards, masternodes etc
how to purchase/buy Polis from local and international exchanges via CoinExchange,Cryptobridge,Cryptopia southexchange etc and

Advantages of using Polis for their daily transactions like payments of goods and services, payment of fees/bills, receiving remittances and many more.

$5 worth of Polis will be given to the first 50 participants at each university and have them send some of it to other participants. This will make them feel the speed and convenience with Polis and also give them experience in using Polis immediately. Students will therefore be encouraged to use their savings to purchase Polis to accumulate capital and wealth using Polis as store of value in the long term to realize their entrepreneurial goals, further education, etc.

  1. Participants will also be trained on Digital marketing, Business Planning & Execution, proposal writing, and how they can achieve their entrepreneurial goals through wealth creation by accumulating capital through Polis in the long term. Finally, Students will be allowed to submit business ideas for mentorship and execution.

  2. Ten (10) students from each university who attained outstanding skills in the workshop will be trained to promote Polis among colleague students and lecturers as campus Ambassadors for university campuses. These groups will be trained to teach students on how to make use of Polis as store of value to realize their entrepreneurial ideas after successful graduation.There will be great collaboration between Student Representative Council (SRC) and other campus based groups and associations to start accepting Polis for payment of fees and/or other association dues. Polis may have to sponsor some of their activities to gain more popularity on each university campus.

a. Videos, pictures and reports of this project will be sent to the Polis community and also circulated on social media platforms as ads.

b.Team members are self-motivated and selected by merit.

c. All universities are selected on merit with regards to their population (30,000 plus) respectively and their influence on the Ghanaian society.

The project will be held in three (3) different university campuses across the country. More than 100 participants are expected to attend the workshops/conferences at each selected campus ( University of Ghana https://www.ug.edu.gh/ , Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST)https://www.knust.edu.gh/, and the University of Education (Winneba) http://www.uew.edu.gh/ This project will take 5 weeks for its to be completed.

Transportation cost to and within all 3 universities for 5 weeks - $600

Hotel accommodation & feeding for 5 weeks - $1020
Hiring of Venue for workshops for all 3 universities - $1100
Feeding Cost of Participants for all 10 workshops/conferences - $700
Tokens for participants for all 10 workshops/conferences - $600
Printing of Polis shirts, stikers, fliers etc for participants across all 3 universities- $600
Media Engagement with 3 radio stations across all 3 universities - $600
Banners, roll up banners, website publications for all 3 universities - $250
Communication and data calls for organizing all 10 workshops/conferences - $100
Cameraman for videos of workshops for all 10 workshops/conferences - $150
Total = $5,720

The project will be executed by the Polis Ghana team with crypto-eye as their leader. Am on Facebook as Asare Kyere Baffour on discord as @Crypto-eye. visit #polis-Africa channel on discord to see more of our work. Thank you


You are not first one with this kind of proposal and not last one, so i can see no grow after every that kind of proposals, useless, waste of money, imho
Yuotube ads would be better i think.

Dear masternode owners

Quenching someone candle will not let your own shine the more, let us stop the sabotage and support each other as community members. Ads on YouTube are important so as grassroots proposal like this and presenting Polis to Africa. These kind of proposal bring Polis to the door step of the people and let them embrace it forcing them to adopt cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange by neglecting the abstract nature of it because with grassroots proposals real use case of cryptocurrency are always established at the end of the project.