Polis Birthday!


Polis Birthday

A whole year has passed since Polis started. It’s been a rough one; full of highs and lows, yet we’ve managed to pull through together.

At Polis we know that we are what we are thanks to you, the community, which keeps growing stronger and thus making the Polis dream possible.

From the beginning…

It all started with four people and a vision. Cronos, Apollo, Poseidon and Ares. They are the founders of the project.

At first, they had a very different vision of the crypto world from what we now have. This year has been a great experience, which has helped us as a community and the dev team to understand better and improve on our services from Polis to the PolisPay app.

The concept of Masternodes attracted the attention of the founders because it met the exact vision for Polis. To give power to the people. Hence our motto Polis Empowers People.

To lay the first stone, we decided to create a fork of Dash as it met the initial principles to start building Polis.

The Team

The project needed more man power for it to be developed. That’s why we first started hiring people.

The first one to start working here was Perseus on February 12th. Next, Hypereon. After that, Prometheus joined in on the 26th of February. On March 1st, Zeus joined the team. Sometime later, on the 15th of April, Atlas started working on the PolisPay app. Sometime later, after a couple of months on July 1st Helios joined the team.

We needed to get more notoriety on the crypto community, so Eros joined on August the 2th and began the formal Community Management of the Polis Community. Then, on September the 2th, a month later, Chaos began its journey with Polis. And finally, on the 21st of September, Pegasus joined the team to take the Community Management and social media of both Polis and PolisPay.

PolisPay Full-Stack Developer and Cerbbbb

Here we show you an illustrated timeline of the journey of when each of the Polis Team joined in.

For a more detailed info regarding the Polis Team, we’ve made a post on Medium which tells who we are, what we’ve done and what we do here at Polis.

We’ve had also great help from members of the community turned into Technical Support and Community Management members who share the same vision as us about Polis. Community member Evolbyte with his continuous technical support. Hans with all the support with the community and adminsitration of some aspects of Polis. Clearasawhistle and CryptoSharks who keep working alongside us and are looking to improve through time. We’re grateful to them.

Polis Development

We see that the development of Polis had two parts on its first year. From Q1 and Q2 Polis began as a fork of Dash with parallel development, while the team got an idea of how the crypto world works.

This could not stay like that, as the vision of Polis required it to be its own thing, an independent coin, so during this time the team only consisted on the first four founders, Perseus, Hyperion and Prometheus.

This team started to work on the separation from Proof of Work to an Proof of Stake during this time.

During the last two weeks of August 2018 the Polis network experienced a massive increase in hashpower. At a first instance, as it was a gradual and distributed growth, the team thought is was a positive sign that the recent announcement of the PolisPay platform Beta had also raised interest on the Polis network.

As we would later discover, it turned out to be a succesful attempt at making a 51% attack on the first week of September 2018.

That’s when we decided to focus all our efforts in an urgent switch to Proof of Stake. A more secure system that helped us stabilize the network.

For more information regarding this, you can check the publication “The Road from PoW to PoS” in wich we describe in detail the events and how we solved this issue. Link here: https://medium.com/polisblockchain/the-road-from-pow-to-pos-848fe8951544.

After this chapter of the Polis history, we continued with the indigenization of Polis. The team had already began working on the Testnet on July to make the development of Polis more stable and assure the safety of people’s transaction and overall Polis experience.

We began to make longer and more extenuating testing to the Mainnet during this period.

Polis has a great positive vision of the crypto world and our involvement in it.

PolisPay Development

The PolisPay project started on the middle of July. It started slowing from brainstorming and researching for the perfect framework to work with, learning and implementing multiple options until we settled and began development.

The app is proving to be a great success because of the volume of people using it and the fact that they keep using it regularly.

We’ve been working through the year in multiple versions of the app. Fixing bugs and adding features through time.

The most notable ones are the integration of other cryptocurrencies such as the recently added GINcoin and COLX, which we are gladly working with and thankful for the opportunity to bring the Polis experience to a larger portion of the crypto community. We will continue to work with them through this journey, which has only begun.

With PolisPay comes the PolisPay debit card. We started beta testing at the beginning of October. We selected a small number of beta testers from around the world for the first beta round. The reception for this product, which many had referred before to as a dream, was a huge success.

The first one on its own to be able to use cryptocurrency everywhere in the world that accepts MasterCard.

The first ever PolisPay card transaction was made on the 30th of October of 2018 when our friends of Fireside Exchange purchased an Oreo Donut and a Chai from Dunkin Donuts. For the whole story, please fo to this site. It’s a pretty good read. https://www.fireside.exchange/2018/10/30/the-worlds-first-polispay-transaction/

This marked the moment when the PolisPay card started to gain traction. After that, the beta testers started to post pictures of what they’ve been purchasing with their own PolisPay cards. This can be seen on the #showcase channel on the PolisPay Discord server and on social media.

Of course, it was not perfect, and a lot of fixes and features have been added since.

Because of that, we made a second round where we gave a hundred cards to the GIN community for testing and some more to our community that would help us to grow this and help us with development.

We’re currently on round 3 of beta testing but soon next year will sell our cards to the public.

To join the beta you please enter to www.polispay.com and click on the “Join beta” button in the top right.

The future

We are currently planning to release a new and revamped roadmap for PolisPay and a new project called “Olympus”, which will make us drift apart from being a dash fork to make our own blockchain implementation.

We will release more technical information, as well as a full publication with all the details through January.


Polis’ first year has been a wild ride for both the dev team and our beloved community. We’ve been through a lot but we’ve made it together. Remember that Polis is truly made by the community and it has to stay that way for all of us to endure through this time.