POLIS acceptance POS tools for merchants and all users


Hi all, Hans here - most of you know me from my role in the support department.

The main reason I joined POLIS has been my drive to help merchant adoption and coin usability on a global scale.
My company has been involved with this for years and we’ve developed many programs that have helped merchants worldwide to start accepting coins in their brick and mortar stores or as a method of checkout on their websites. You may have followed what’s happened with DASH merchant adoption in Venezuela - I’ve developed the POS (Point Of Sale) system in use at the majority of merchants over there.

Seeing the PolisPay project evolve, this gets me all excited for the things we can do to drive POLIS adoption.

For brick and mortar store merchants, using a wallet to accept coins is NOT a good solution. First of all, you don’t want co-workers to have access to wallets so you will want a receive only option. POS tools offer this solution. Also, merchants need tools to integrate transactions into their bookkeeping systems. Ultimately you’d want every transaction fully documented and journaled.

Online merchants need plugins that support the most common used types of e-commerce or shopping carts for POLIS acceptance.

Goal of this project is to make these tools available to anyone wanting to use POLIS in their business or private use. It will be an ongoing evolving development project but the first deliverables will be:

  • hosted POLIS acceptance service available to anyone - based on customized BTCPayserver repositories adapted for POLIS
  • POS tools for merchants or users to accept POLIS in their stores or online, connected to their own PolisPay wallets, a fully non custodial solution.
  • instructions in multiple languages with easy how-to videos

The budget for the first 3 months will be 1500 POLIS per month, this will be used to create the tools and set up and make available the dedicated servers running the service with high availability quality. After this, depending on the way the project evolves and demand from the community, either a maintenance or further development proposal will follow, all based on input from all of you.

If you have any questions regarding this project proposal, feel free to hit me up on our Discord, I am almost always there, with username @Hans

To vote on this proposal, use your wallet governance tab and find the POLIS-acceptance-POS-tools proposal, or use your console to manually vote by entering:

gobject vote-many f1adabc035ac06b10e71c736bb87949b3df5c28e1b5ae5a3b4825f2237e81e78 funding yes (or no or abstain, depending on your vote)

Cheers, and I hope to count on your support when voting for proposals!

Here is an example of what the POS website checkout is going to look like: