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NEW THREAD HERE Bring MN to "real life use"


Hello guys,
at this time MNs power are really useless, exception its decentralized nodes you know that.

What i wanna propose is to bring that VPS (server) power to the ppl, really simple.

Force every MN owner by wallet update to run minimum 4Gb ram SQL server and sell this SQL decentralized cloud to the investor,
i know at least 20 companies and several ppl`s who wanna store SQL data at an affordable price!

Don’t worry about data loss or etc, its cloud.

Budget proposal: blockchain dosnt need any changes, wallet will need small changes to get access to SQL and send it (surname and pass) to cloud mainframe (Linux php server with website), all other is PHP work by our or hired DEV.

Real life use!
I can tell you ppl will invest just if will know that we have real life use, dosnt mater use us (that cloud) anyone or not (polis)

PS: We will not extra reward MN holder for that. Ppl will not sell cheaper POLIS cos 4gb ram VPS cost. Funds from SQL cloud to DEVs for that SQL cloud. Price will go up, more investors, more MNs.

Bring MN to "real life use" V2.0

i think ppl dosnt know - sql servers used everythere to host websites data, forums, even Discord


Is very nice to see this kind of proposals. I really like the idea to develop a system to use masternodes as a service.
The thing is that your proposals is very centralized and we can’t allow something like this.
We may want to talk with you about doing this proposal, but on a decentralized way.
And we should incentive the MN owners.


maybe make it as like decentralized exchanges kind
incentive the MN owners = coin prise grow coz this real life use case


Yes, that’s a better idea, and we will support it if you can do it.
Making the masternode servers usable trough the network is a very awesome idea.
But, how do you plan to do it?


How i can see that:

  • For that’s better idea we have to change wallet to allow ppl buy some sql cloud from the wallet (5 POLIS for example). Thats realy decentralized.
  • Every MN will run hardcoded in the wallet (we will do heavy optimised start script by sqltunner and etc for 4 Gb ram (or 3Gb+1gb for wallet)) and doo some tests every hour, if test fail > debug log > sql cant work properly pls contact POLIS support - Discord, MN stoped for example.
    I wanna make all this as for newbies.
  • Every MN SQL database will have 3 copies, as load balancing web servers, as RAID hdd systems.
    If 1 copy not active (MN power off) other will send sql data to new MN, in diferent IPs or different countries, thats easy by GEOip or whois, etc
  • And we will tell every SQl cloud businnes client to backup everyday his data to hdd or etc
    (i do it with my websites every night by auto script)
  • Control server - sell sql cloud to customer, thats is several ways to implement this,
    one way is to code it with php and host it,
    second way is hardcode php files in the wallet (if IP = DNS seed IP = stop sql and start php webserver),
    or code it as webmin lite web server, and sevaral more ways.
    Anyway its bootstrap and DNS seed way.
  • Its important to spend POLIS from sql cloud customer to futher cloud development or burn it.
  • Its important to not extra reward MN owner to avoid POLIS inflation.

Take a look at STORJ coin, decentralised HDD storage system, some kind of Utorrent version with coin i think.
$60 000 000 capital and i think we will go to at least 20M maybe 30M just by hype of sql cloud, thats uniq in scypto. If you will survive proposal too sell POLIS project at 10M capital from ClouFlare or some whale hoster.


OK. I see you got the idea.
Maybe we can do a separate service (Like Sentinel) or include the sentinel to ping on the SQL database status to see if is running, if not, it will drop masternode status on the MN List.
If this works, we can do several other services: HDD cloud storage, VPN, etc. using the same structure.
But there is only 1 thing I think is missing. What if the masternode just shutdown, people will lose the sql data?
Maybe replicate the data for 1 to 10 masternodes and encrypt it. Something like: https://sia.tech/


The only thing I don’t like about this proposal, is forcing the MN owner to use a 4gb VPS. I am not sure if the MN owners will like this, I have no problem running anything in a 1-2 gb VPS, but I don’t know how the MN owners will react to this.

Aside from that, I think it is a good idea :slight_smile:


Cronos, plz take a look at my 3rd point, up here.
3 more days my summer vocation and ready to go.
Ricgby, agreed. Thats uniq and has risks.
Btw, i know openvpn very well this is low money and some times forbiden to host service.


Ok. I see.
I think 3 masternodes is too little. We can increase it to 5 or 10.
You should login to our Discord Server and talk with Eros, he can help you to create a proper governance proposal.
You should establish time-lines for your work.


DS server DONE
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