Masternode setup

Hi, Im trying to setup polis masternode via

I follow the instructions:

In te console type “getnewaddress”. make the transaction. Transation shows:

"Status: 303 confirmations, broadcast through 6 nodes
Date: 21/01/2020 11:20
Total debit: -1000.00000000 POLIS
Total credit: 1000.00000000 POLIS
Transaction fee: -0.00000226 POLIS
Net amount: -0.00000226 POLIS
Transaction ID: e5dcb1cdc7b94ecbbac895fde18d72565e1c369a63e7a659ad22716e866da97d
Output index: 0
Transaction total size: 225 bytes

But it seems it has not taken the tokens from my account ant says:

" Not enough balance on your PolisNodes account. Please go to the Balance Page and add some POOLIS to your account."

What am I doing wrong ? :slight_smile: