Masternode donation for charity in Greece


Dear POLIS Community,

I wanted to introduce myself and our non-profit to be considered as a possible POLIS community supported project.

We are a fully registered non-profit charity based in Athens, Greece working for years on the front lines of the refugee crisis. The Salvation Army in Greece operates one of the largest and first refugee crisis centres based in Athens serving urban refugees and asylum seekers. We currently distribute more than 120,000 diapers per year, provide nutrition services to new mothers and babies and support client integration with housing assistance, medical and educational support. Our centre operates on three floors of a historic building in the heart of the Omonia red light district and refugee zone. We partner with other local agencies to improve service delivery and reduce duplication and expenses. Last year we offered NFI (non-food item) hygiene and care supplies to thousands of registered families and walk-in clients. We supplied over 150,000 EUR worth of razors, body soap, laundry soap, shampoo (adult & children), diapers and wipes. We supplied fresh groceries, milk, baby formula and baby health products. Not only that, but we also helped distribute more than 200 tonnes of donated clothing and over 14,000 pairs of new shoes donated by Project Sole USA.

Why a masternode request and how, exactly, do masternodes assist a non-profit charity?
We are currently seeking to raise $10,000 USD into a cryptocurrency portfolio for our charity in 2018 and we have reached out to a few other coin projects to ask consideration for a donated masternode to serve as an initial investment to generate donation perpetual revenue.

The masternodes functions similarly to an annuity with the non-profit receiving set donations from masternode rewards. By leaving the collateral and only drawing pre-determined donations generated from the block rewards, the donations continue to grow in value and offer regular income. Rather than the typical charity approach of constantly asking a client, individual or company for another donation, the one-time masternode collateral donation serves as a continuous revenue source and the value is based on the success of the project, the duration of rewards received and market conditions. Based on the current POLIS ROI of 151.97% / 240 days, your investment would continue to double in value when reinvested.

Unlike many pump and dump schemes with unsustainable ROI that dev teams cash out in less than four months, the ethos and DNA of The Polis Development Team puts the interests of community (POLIS means community in Greek) first. The whitepaper clearly states that this group has proven to be an extremely collaborative community of enthusiasts, humanitarians and people from all walks of life. The decentralized nature of Polis encourages this type of collaborative community by allowing for democratic governance with the common goal of achieving substantial change in our world.

The purpose of The Polis Foundation will establish relationships with charities, communities, social movements and crisis organizations to facilitate the implementation of community proposals in a swift, professional and reliable manner. We, as a fully registered client service led non-profit, have the legal structure, trust and experience to well represent the donations made by the POLIS community.

We would be very interested to discuss the possibility of two options:
Option 1 - Private (dedicated MasterNode): Could you consider helping us run a dedicated masternode directly for our charity? We would appreciate consideration for a donation of the collateral required for a masternode. We recently received a donation of VPS service from DigitalOcean for one-year and have the capacity to run masternodes for free. 3

Option 2 – Shared MasterNode partnership: If the direct donation of a full masternode collateral is not possible, we would be extremely interested to join one of your existing shared masternode providers that already supports POLIS. Our hope is that we can continue to reinvest donations from the POLIS community members into additional shares which will provide us accumulating financial resources to enhance our services and impact more families in the coming years. The goal in this option would be to continue to reinvest until we own enough coins to run our own dedicated masternodes.

The refugee crisis in Greece has pushed all non-profits, ourselves included, to the limit to deal with the scope and scale of the challenge during a critical financial crisis in Greece. As a non-profit, we depend on hundreds of volunteers annually that provide thousands of volunteer hours to advance our cause and meet the needs of the clients we serve. Our services are client-lead and based on annual needs assessments which determine what help our families require. We too, like POLIS, are a diverse community of passionate individuals caring for those in need from all walks of life and from diverse religious viewpoints. We strongly believe this diversity is our strength which provides a strong community focused balance of service and care.

We would love to join the POLIS community and believe we share strong common values and social concerns. The on-going relationship with this community will help provide an additional voice into the service, ideas and impact we make together for those less fortunate.

If you have any specific questions, please feel free to let me know and I’m happy to help. I have already provided copies of our legal Greek charitable registration and status to The Polis Development Team to confirm our identity.

We believe strongly in the future of crypto and want to showcase how a charity and community using crypto for good and grow our portfolio with the help of the POLIS community.

Major Jean-Curtis Plante
Regional Business and Administration Officer
The Salvation Army in Greece

Total Requested: 1 masternode = 1,000 POLIS

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