Mass advertising & bring usecases to polis & crypto proposal


This proposal aims at bringing polis to the majority of cryptocurrency investors, network marketer and people who are into investments, as well those who want to build up a passive income.
Bring adoption to places around the world in partnership with businesses and building networks, like in hospitality, restaurants online shops and many others.

Network marketing is not perfect but it’s better.
~Eric Worre

The power of network marketing. Once people got in there is no need of external advertising anymore cause people believe in their own products, advertise it and talk about it.
So the product has to be good. Polis and the masternode system is by far one of the best opportunities to do so. But how to combine it with network marketing in a secure way.
Therefor we created already a website as a one click masternode hosting service and run free and paid (on our costs) advertising for polis already!

With this, our team of experienced cryptocurrency specialists plan to leverage on this opportunity to make polis much more known in the crypto and network marketing space.
It’s not just an alternative coin it can also achieve a major popularity and mass adoption rate amongst the populace in the community thereby growing Polis community and extending its reach and usecases.

The key objective of this proposal is to create a strong awareness for Polis masternodes as a passive income opportunity. Thereby making Polis a major key player in the cryptocurrency and network marketing space for masternodes.

Building a online store and a new network to bring crypto into the real world a adoption.

This is to be achieved through three methods which have been successful in the past.
These methods look like this.

a. Facebook, YouTube and instagram paid advertising. (professional people who working on seo and instagram are in our team already)

Webinars weekly in 3 languages, English Spanish and German. (we are looking to partner up with some Chinese speaking people as well atm. If we can find over polis someone this would be awesome.

c. Network marketing
The power of people


The by far most effective way of marketing is to place the advertising where the people look at. Go out into the city’s and try to find out what keeps people’s attention, it’s easy as that it’s their phone. Here we can create the awareness of polis that would span world wide the platforms are there and advertising on these are way undervalued you reach 3.500 people with about 7.5$ per day.
~ Gary vanerchuck
Source facebook promote your post.

These promotions will be used to show how to build a passive income with masternodes and polis as the example coin.
The online shop will be advertised as well traveling using crypto (payed with polis)
All the passive income advertising will be funneled to the webinars and again polis is the coin that gets reviewed amongst other.

Promotions will also run on YouTube Instagram,
An interview with the polis founders would be much appreciated to give the whole thing and additional boost.

General Preparation
Polis marketing sales funnel
Our team has created sales funnel. With follow up system that can be used for all our projects.
As well we’ve got an designer in our group and contracter to create a brand for polis clothing.

We could create a whole brand produced in Bali Indonesia fair trade and build up a website where you can pay your polis shirts and other crypto branded clothing with cryptocurrencies.
It’s not a shop just around crypto, there will be a lot of other designs as well.
what makes this shop unique
How many time did you thought I like this shoes or shirt but would like it slightly different or design my own style.
Probably not to often if you are a guy.

This page will enable everyone to start there own brand logos design to purchase it just for themselves or sell it over the page.

start advertising
Once we are funded we will start to put out lots of paid advertising on all named platforms.
We’ve got a community of followers from about 75.000+ people already out of the crypto space.
Those and people who see the advertising get funneled into our webinars where they get to know the advantage of polis, masternodes and network marketing.

We plan to put out at least 75$ of advertising a day. This will reach at least 3500x10 = 35000 people via paid ads + 75.000+ followers we’ve got already. Advertising a month gets us 1million plus people.

Milestone 2
Polis crypto shop (Online): the merchant online shop will be a platform where you can buy fair-trade high quality merchandise with you favorite crypto logo (polis) and others if they like to. Payable in crypto (to make it more attractive discounted when payed with polis).
-own design possible (just for yourself or start to sell your brand over our page with basically 0$ investing)
-tailor made clothing
-design adjustable

Customer Care service (24/7):
we will be having a customer care service for existing/prospective users to call/email us regarding the questions they might have as regards to our masternode hosting service and later on the online store once it is set up.

Masternode setup consultancy service:
This service is involved with our specially trained representatives talking prospective Masternode owners and give them the opportunity with our website to set up a masternode in just 1 click!
There are no shared masternodes all funds stay on your wallet. We think shared masternodes might be the cloudmining 2.0 so we will stay away from this market, one of the reasons is that funds belong into your wallet and no wehre else!
If someone comes out with a solution to connect several wallets to a node we would be keen.

Milestone 3

Adoption in our partners companies, this is probably the easiest step and might be fulfilled way earlier, we’ve got partners all around the globe in hospitality and other businesses.
What we would like to build to be more efficient would be to put all of them together in a big network marketing platform, the first for hotels hostels and event centers.
It’s hard for many to just except crypto as a payment.
The problem at the moment to invest in those is you have to spend at least 50grand to get in the game.
Then you just get a small percentage after a few years in top of your investment.
We will create a Platform that allowes you to invest as little as 10$ and generating another passive income through hotels and get paid every time someone book the hotel, hostel or events.

HFNetworks: Proposal owner & project manager.
Nikolai strojacovich: Marketing Communications Specialist.
Emanuele melchionda: CEO of the masternode hosting platform.
Vladimir galabov: CEO masternode hosting platform
Twitul + team: Software and website Developer
Alina Shaparova + team: design and contractor for Bali brand and merchandise
Lion haller, hiue nguihien, komang suravaja: hotel and hostel owners (Morocco, Vietnam, Bali)

As work progresses and challenges are being overcome, a fully comprehensive and concise report will be uploaded on the community’s major social media platforms such a Polis forum, discord, telegram and twitter for the community to stay shoulder-to-shoulder with the latest happenings as regards to the project.

This proposal is divided into three (3) milestones which is to be completed within the span of one year. The first 2 milestone is to be completed within 2 month. Advertising will go on for a much longer time, some of the coins will be used to build masternodes, these rewards get used to pay lifetime for advertising.
The 3 milestone will start straight away after the funding.
The development of the webstore will take about 2 weeks, then you are ready to order your polis shirt!
The website for hotels and traveling will take about 4-6 weeks.

Based on the people we reach with the advertising and our platforms.
We reckon to get about 5-10% of people we reach to get into polis. (average numbers in the past for other projects.)
75.000+ flowers now / 100 x 5 = 3750
Advertising on YouTube Instagram facebook
3500 per 7.5$ x 10advertisings = 35.000 reached people x 30 days = 1.050.000 people / 100 x 5 = 52.500
Per month.
Duration of advertising 6 month
Total 352.500

1st milestone
Polis promotion masternodes and network
General Requirement
Social media advertising
= 75$x30x6 = 13.500$
Or 2250$ per month.
1st milestone total = 13500

2nd milestone
Crypto brand online store
Platform: = 1500$
Clothing and merchandise for stock
= 1000$
Design = 1000$
**2nd milestone total = 3500$

3rd milestone
Website for hotel investments
Travel agency etc.
**3rd milestone total = 5000$

**PROJECT TOTAL = 22000$

This would be 31.500polis atm.
Because we won’t spent all the money for advertising straight away and lock them in masternodes to pay lifetime for advertising. We will just need about
25.000 polis

As well we won’t dump the polis on the exchange to get the money for webplatform and advertising.
Our partners are happy to get paid in polis to do there own nodes!
The only thing we have to sell is a weekly part for ascertaining so there is no dump happen! We want a stable or rising price for polis!

Let’s make polis even more popular then Bitcoin! And bring usecases to the blockchain!

gobject vote-many 49e63a9b50587bbdf07e792fdd2cb4fdf8fe9b7185b9aff88db41188438aae1f funding yes

Polis can get where Dash is and even be better. We need to contribute to our Polis community by coming up with projects that would increase awareness, adoption and investment or at least support proposals/projects.
We will bring the adoption and advertising this are just the first of many projects we will start.


For any further questions, please let me know in the comment section or just send us a message via telegram @Hfnetworks or via email. [email protected]

Every questions and suggestions or possible partnerships are much appreciated!


Just and idea but this Christmas I will be giving my friends and family Christmas cards with Bitcoin paper wallets inside containing a small amount of Bitcoin. Here is the link I used:

Could a campaign like this work for Polis? I think that it will be a great talking point for my family this Christmas and stimulate the adoption of crypto. Even if they don’t jump straight into it I think the fact that someone they trust is suggesting they should look into it will give them a nudge in the right direction.


Great idea,
Got for my close friends an family a ledger Wallet with a few btc in it.
I think you could get a wallet with polis as well.
Atm bitcoin is far more known even for those who aren’t into it.
This project might bring polis right next to the place of Bitcoin and Ethereum.
Marry x-mas


It looks like a fantastic proposal! We are here to support Polis all over the world.
People are hosting on a daily basis new Polis Masternodes on our Cryptoselfmade
Masternode Hosting Platform and i think this will increase as soon as the debit card
comes out!


Time to do massive advertising all around the internet.
There is a reason why Red Bull gets named right next to energy drinks as number 1!
They use 50% of all the money they earn to advertise everywhere.

We are able to become the redbull in the crypto space. Polis named right next to Bitcoin and blockchain.
With the right team, the right project and enough founding.
We’ve got the team, the project is here as well all that’s missing is the funding.
Let’s skyrock this market!


@Hfnetworks what is your member name in Discord?


@clearasawhistle it’s hawk


Can’t find Hawk in Polis discord. Could you post a link and brief overivew of your proposal in the general channel? Thanks!


scam proposal warning
I can see some comments here made by the proposal owner “second” account.
Just another scammer with huge coin emission, and useless proposal


Hey beet,
Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us but there is actually no second account.
My main name in discord is hawk, while I changed the nickname in the discord group for polis into hfnetworks to clarify that I’m the original proposal owner.

As well mass advertising for polis and masternodes are a useful thing to the community.

As well the adoption to build a online store for merchandise agree you actually can pay with crypto.

The reason why I talked to you directly was the suggestions of @clearasawhistle to get in touch with other proposal owners to make things happen.

Please reconsider and over think your last post because we aren’t here to scam we are here to push polis forward massively !


I agree that it’s a good idea to do some advertising, but at the moment the treasury is not able to support a proposal with the requested amount… Why not tune it down a little, make it better fit the available budget, and use the smaller proposal initial results to prove the ROI to the community?

See attached image:

The entire treasury is only 26585 Polis per superblock, of which 21000 is already allocated to projects that are voted in.

Just my 2 politoshi’s…

Cheers, Hans.


Thanks Hans,
We talked already with evo and clearasawhistle about it.
We changed the plan and will just start of with advertising in the next proposal, after this one runs out.
We will team up with others who get their proposal granted already to advertise their channels as well so we’ve got quite a bit content to spread around the world :slight_smile: