Hosting platform using Polis as Payment currency


Hi Polis Community ,

I wish to make this proposal to make a MN Hosting platform + MN exchange + Shared MN Platform +Stakebox using POLIS as base currency .Below will be the features

  • Allow one- click deployement of different types of Masternodes
  • Allow people to run shared masternodes in a secure way
  • Master node exchange where people can auction there MN’s
  • Allow MN deployment straight from the exchange
  • Node monitor and statistics tools
  • 50% of the profits will be shared with POLIS MN holders for life

The platform will be competitive with the most popular platforms used these days and will add one more use case to POLIS, will only use tier one vps providers to ensure quality service

Cost: Cost will be 5000 POLIS paid per month for 6 months, This will be used to pay for buying servers/ setting up infrastructure and pay for the developers.

About Me:
i have an extensive experience working on Web Technologies and Architect-ed several scalable Enterprise Applications over the years. Below is my profile. you can reach out to me for any further queries