Help! My wallet won't sync


Sorry for the noob question but I have been mining and have gained some rewards! I installed the wallet core version: v1.4.2.0-af09fdd (64-bit) but it will not complete the initial sync. It gets to 96% and stops. I let it go for 2 days but still at 96%.
I am running Windows 10 1803
AV is not blocking
I checked the port to make sure that it is open in the firewall: netstat -na | find “24126”
I rescan and rebuilt the wallet many times but still I am now 11 days behind.
I see lots of these in the debug file:
2018-10-05 02:24:02 CMasternodeSync::ProcessTick – nTick 30757 nRequestedMasternodeAssets 0 nRequestedMasternodeAttempt 0 nSyncProgress -0.250000

And these:
2018-10-04 16:10:29 Timeout downloading headers from peer=2, disconnecting
2018-10-04 16:10:29 ThreadSocketHandler – removing node: peer=2 addr= nRefCount=1 fInbound=0 fMasternode=0

Let me know what other info I can provide. Any help would be appreciated!!



Hello, hanktheMiner. You have to downgrade to 1.3.1 at the moment. For more information, we advice you to join our Discord server to say up to date with changes such as this, receive news and to address any questions you may have at the Community Support Server.


Thanks for the reply! I will downgrade and join your Discord


Been having the same issue with the current version of the wallet. I am stuck at block 209720.
I have reescan the blocks and such but no chance on getting it thru. I am on Arch Linux.


Hello JZA, thanks for contacting us. You should download version 1.4.4. If you have any more issues, please address them on the #general-support channel in the Discord Server. Here are the links:
Version 1.4.4:
Discord Server:
We’re working on fixing the issues. Thank you for your patience.


Yes currently using that. Still synced block list at 209720


Seems the latest update just fixed it.