Delegating your voting power to the DAO or other community members

In our Governance it’s important to vote on different proposals to move the project forward. Without any votes nothing can be changed, updated or improved. Every change on the protocols will need a proposal and a confirmation of this proposal through the votes from our community.

We are aware of that people weren’t very active on former proposals and that’s why we want to give you as a community member the opportunity to delegate your voting power to the DAO. For this reason we will publish an address which is used by the DAO to participate in votings.

This could be an option for you because of different reasons like lack of knowledge in a specific area, the costs of the voting process or just because you don’t want to hassle with our governance, proposals and their votings.

The address which is used to vote and where the DAO delegated their voting power to is an address which is controlled by Luis Correa (DAO Technology Manager) who will vote in the name of the DAO managers after they have voted internally on proposals. The DAO did this becasue it’s more comfortable to vote in that way instead of making use of the Gnosis Multisig address.

You can use this adress to delegate you voting power to Luis Correa (DAO Technology Manager): 0xF8F14be2A3D129F21fAA53e208cF903043D267e0

It’s also possible to delegate your voting power to another community member whom you trust and you think he or she has the knowledge to vote with your voting power to move this project forward. Every community member is able to publish his address and to ask for delegated voting power. Please be careful and don’t give your voting power to someone you don’'t know or you don’t trust with his or hers decisions!

If you don’t know how to register your Drachmas or how to delegate your voting power use our guide:

Thank you for your constant support and trust in the DAO.