Dear masternode owners


Dear Masternode Owners;

We know how much you have contributed to the Polis network from the time you made the decision to purchase our (Polis) masternode.

We know how much time you have put into researching, we are aware of your expectations from the network/community.

We know you expect more growth and returns, we know you don’t enjoy waste.

This is why; we have decided to expand the awareness, adoption and use of your currency and investment (Polis).

This is why we spent days/weeks/months/year(s) researching on how we can best achieve this.

Finally; we have the solution to the puzzle. Yes!! you guessed it right.

We present it in a form of a proposal. It is here to ensure all your expectations are satisfied. It doesn’t cost anything to vote it.

All we ask is a chance to prove we can achieve more together regardless of our difference in geographical location.

Let us contribute much more.
From: Proposal Owners
Date: 13/12/2018

Weekly Polis (12/10 to 12/16)