DAO treasury Olympus swap proposal

Hello Polis Community,

as you surely noticed we will switch to our own blockchain (Olympus) and leave the Binance Smart Chain as the main chain. Olympus will be the long awaited new home with our own smart chain. We will of course remain connected to the BSC via a bridge and you can easily operate on both chains with your Metamask wallet. In the long term, bridges to other smartchains will be created.

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Olympus Launch Date:


About this proposal:

The DAO proposes to migrate the entire treasury funds, which are currently still on the BSC, completely to Olympus. For this purpose this proposal was created, the 5 DAO managers request with this proposal the complete Polis coins from the treasury (254,951.4421333333333333 Polis Total balance of treasury) from this address:

The coins then go into the DAO Technology Team adress which is controlled by the DEV Team until migration into the Olympus Network.

DAO Technology Team: https://bscscan.com/tx/0x202050b0f30070833b8ba3772e56e1df274a4bf0a715b6f5d46a10a115282ff9

With the proposal, 254,951 Polis are requested from the current treasury and transferred to the Polis DAO Technology Team adress.

What happens to the coins then?

The DAO has had some costs in the last few weeks and the following Polis are requested for the DAO.

DAO Technology: 10400 Polis (to cover 2 BNB were spent deploying the vaults and tx fees to Olympus + 6 months working time + material)

DAO Business: 21000 Polis (6 months working time + material)

DAO Communication: 21000 Polis (6 months working time + material)

DAO Adoption: 21000 Polis (6 months working time + material)

DAO Marketing: 21000 Polis (6 months working time + material)

Support: 10.000 Polis (Evolbyte, Hans, Marc) – (6 months working time + material)

DAO request: 104400 Polis

157551 Polis are sent from the DAO Technology Team adress wallet to the Olympus chain back to the new treasury address. This is created after the start of the new blockchain. Once the address is created, the coins are sent from the DAO Technology Team adress (BSC) to the new treasury address (Olympus). After that, the coins are back in the treasury and can be used by the community to get paid for proposals.


DAO request: 104400 Polis

Treasury funds to move to Olympus: 150551 Polis

Total request with this proposal: 254951 Polis

We thank the entire Polis community for your support and the DAO is looking forward to a great future together with you on your own Olympus smart chain.

The DAO Team!