DAO proposal - Market Making and Marketing

Project Explanation

Hello everyone, I am Ricardo Bustos, DAO manager for the communications team. I am here representing the 5 DAO managers:

We have been elected by the POLIS community to be the DAO managers when Olympus protocol is here. You can read more information about this on this post. We want to start working before the Olympus protocol is live, so we are asking for 25500 POLIS from the governance budget - divided in 3 cycles, and we will ask for 8500 POLIS per cycle.

What are we going to do with it?

From the moment we got elected, we have been working on partnerships with market making services, so we can provide liquidity for POLIS, as well as bringing in new traders to our coin. You can read all information here

We have potential partners that will help bring more buyers to POLIS, and funds will be used to pay the commision.

If you want to learn more what do a market maker does, and what advantages it brings to our project, please read the following article:

These partnerships will also help us on some marketing tasks, such as presenting the POLIS project to a group of traders, bringing in new people to our community.


All information will be transparent, and if needed, we will do an AMA about this topic. If you have any questions, please let us know and we will gladly answer.

All remaining funds will go to the marketing department, where we will try to get advertising on several services. All costs of the DAO will be publicly reported.

To vote, please go to your Polis Core Wallet, select the governance tab and vote for the proposal, or use the following commands in your wallet.

Vote Yes

gobject vote-many 7f2d12567e7a27ff2ca43744258023078f308bb332d6576613e4424a9633473e funding yes

Vote No

gobject vote-many 7f2d12567e7a27ff2ca43744258023078f308bb332d6576613e4424a9633473e funding yes