DAO Manager Marketing Proposal Melchionda Network

Hi guys, my name is Emanuele Melchionda, originally from germany and i am better known as Melchionda Network (i am a trusted member of the Polis team).

My first experiences with crypto was back in 2016. My first investment in Masternodes was in March 2017. I saw a huge potential in this niche (because of the governance, decentralization, etc.).

One day i got a vision to create a masternode hosting service incl. an academy with an affiliate program (to let masternodes go faster viral). This hosting platform is called Cryptoselfmade and i am the Co-Founder of the platform. Since then we’ve hosted over 1100 Masternodes with a value of 6.000.000 USD.

In 2018 i’ve decided to commit myself fully on masternodes. So i started researching about masternodes day and night (i am still doing it, :slight_smile: ) and started aswell creating content on a daily basis about Masternodes.

In July 2018 i discovered Polis and it was like love at the first sight. I mean, i saw potential in the project and i spoke nearly on every video about Polis. Well, long story short … trough my videos i could gain attention from several investors. We’ve hosted over 300 Polis during this years which is not bad in my opinion. (There are also people that bought Polis because of me but did not hosted on our platform).

But back in the days i was thinking like: “Okay, i need to contact the Polis guys - i want to connect with them and start a mutual beneficial partnership!”.

Days later we started the partnership and my focus was bringing new investors into polis and aswell more revenue.

My strong points are business relationships, making sales and creating content on Youtube (video content is really powerful and we should not underestimate it). With Andreas (MNP Sido), we’re working roughly over 1,5 years together and we could create a great audience in the DACH section (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).

For example we’re doing every week our Crypto Friday in german which we talk minimum 10 minutes positively about Polis.

But i have more things on my mind that i will describe in the Roadmap.



What is really important in my opinion are new customers and liquidity. So because of this we need to expand with new exchanges and users. My partner manages his own exchanges and has a user base of over 30.000 people in asia. This could be an interesting market for polis. I can get Polis listed on the exchange and after that we can introduce Polis to the asian community.

My partners have aswell contacts that are managing investment funds and exchanges that provide aswell FIAT OTC and aswell Crypto OTC (we can implement Polis aswell on this platforms to reach a bigger audience).

  1. Content

My YouTube Channel has actually around 2300 subscribers and it’s growing on a daily basis. My goal is to create content specificly for Polis (in german and english language). This will bring new customers for Polis in short, middle and long term.

To reach a bigger audience i start small giveaways (people need to subscribe, comment, like and share the video). I am aswell really flexible and open for every suggestion.

My Youtube channel is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNGAIikjZJygL-1_gReIUjg?view_as=subscriber

  1. Blog Aricles

Which is really powerful is the blog and SEO. I have my own blog related to masternodes and i will create content aswell for polis and push it trough my whole social media community (my reach is around 5000 peoples). What i have in my mind is to give steadly updates regarding Polis and Polispay so people will see the sequence of the coin.

My blog is called: emanuele - melchionda . de

  1. New investors / long term hodlers

The next goal is to contact as many people as possible and let them invest into Polis. I already have warm customers that are willing to invest into legit projects like Polis. For example: if clients will ask me in which masternode to invest so the first that i will suggest them is Polis (a lot of clients are listening to my advice).

  1. Online webinars

The next strong things are online webinars. I’ve already did some online live webinars and talked about Polis (i could close some new investors that invested into polis). This could be also a source of revenue for Polis.

This is just an example: youtube. com/watch?v=RQoP-QvW3Us

(This was a secret webinar with private investors)

  1. Mass adoption

I will not just bring new investors for polis. I will aswell connect Polis to other services, let new merchants accept Polis in their stores and so on. The more services Polis is connected the greater will be the volume and the price.

  1. Creating academy videos for Polis

On my platform cryptoselfmade their is an academy section where i will record tutorial videos for Polis, Polispay and so on (for example how the governance works, polispay, buying giftcards, etc).

3 months Action plan

Generating sales and let investors invest into Polis

Goal is to sell between 25-35 Polis Masternodes a month (which is around 30000 USD approx).

  1. List Polis on my partners exchange xbt.pro and onboard his whole asian community + insert the OTC button for purchasing polis (this will bring a lot of new customers).

  2. Creating videos for Polis in english and german on my youtube channel (minimum 2 videos per week) and drive huge traffic on it (every video should have 2000-5000 views).

  3. Writing blog articles for polis and start like a sequence (journey) (to build trust for people that do not know polis).

  4. I am starting to connect also with merchants all over the world and try to let them accept polis in their store (+ connect other services).

So guys, i think this is pretty much it for now. Since over 2 years i am a polis supporter and i always gave 1000% to help and support the coin. Everybody knows that i am fully committed and ready to generate the best results in favor of Polis.

With my experience in sales, my userbase, clients and relationships i am 100% sure that we will succeed on long term.

If you guys have a questions just let me know. I am always here for you.

Contact details:

Telegram: @melchiondanetwork

I appreciate all your support. As you can see i’m a hard worker, strong minded and always ready to push Polis to the limit. And the most important is that i’m constantly promoting, constantly creating new business relationships, making videos and sales.

And again, i appreciate every single vote. You guys are awesome. Viva Polis! :slight_smile:

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