Crypto Healthcare For All



I am a healthcare provider in America. In the current healthcare system I have seen, first hand, the severe financial stress the new Healthcare Costs have given people and I have been working on a solution to fix it for quite some time. I have taken principal’s from Christian Practices, Insurance Practices, Free Market Philosophy, and Personal Responsibility Philosophy to formulate this idea. This idea is not (yet) a replacement of insurance, but a significant supplement.

This System of Healthcare has never been done before and it offers more opportunity for Individual Control. This system offers solutions to following problems:

  1. Significantly Reduces Monthly Payments for Healthcare
  2. Offers an Ability for Cash Payment which does two things:
  • Reduces the need for hired help to process Repayment at a Hospital/Clinic
  • Cash Payment allows for a reduction of Medical Repayment by 20%-35%+
  • Allows for repayment of bills in CryptoCurrency
  1. Allows for a Platform for Individuals to ask for Help in Times of Health Crisis.
  2. Offers Efficient Pooling Practices that occur Similarly to Insurance Companies
  3. Not under Insurance regulation.
  4. Create a non-profit, so individual users will not be susceptible to Capital Gains tax.

How How Does Crypto Care Work?

We will dive into the costs and processes as to how Crypto Care works. There are 3 major platforms that will help raise money, both individually and as a group, needed for this to work. These three items are:

  1. CryptoShare
  2. Catastrophic Pool
  3. Crypto Donation Platform

**Before we get started PLEASE READ: **

This idea was first intended for Humans. However, we feel it would be better for proof of concept in the Small Animal Health System first, as there are less regulation and significantly less competition. Also, there needs to be a significant building of pooling funds before the human idea can occur. This can be obtained very quickly with time.

What is a CryptoShare?

A CryptoShare describes the purchased/stored value that CC holds in a client’s account and used for individuals similar to an Health Savings Account (HSA). CryptoShares will be stored in 0.5 increments. One CryptoShare is valued at $50 (USD). A CryptoShare can be held in either Cash or CryptoCurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, or Polis).

If a client decides to hold their CryptoShare in Cash, there finances will be readily available for use. They will not be able to receive benefits from the growing potential of the cryptocurrency market.

If a client decides to hold their CryptoShare in CryptoCurrency, they will have the opportunity for growth in their CryptoShares. However, there is a chance the CryptoShare value may decrease. This has been taken into account, and there will be more on this later how to prevent loss of value.

Users will have the ability to donate their CryptoShares to other users.

What is a Catastrophic Pool?

The Catastrophic Pool is a similar concept used by insurance companies. By pooling funds, the risk of healthcare care costs can be spread out across all people. This pool is constantly funded by Masternodes

What is the Crypto Donation Platform?

The Crypto Donation Platform gives people the option to request help for Medical Costs. The platform allows for Client’s to donate CryptoShares to those in need, whether in anticipation for a procedure or in the event of a Catastrophic Event.

Crypto Care Process

The general concept is to pool money for Masternodes and the Masternodes will create a constant flow of money into the Catastrophic Pool for major health issues. Note: All individuals participating in this program are responsible for their own medical bills! This program is to offer financial relief to users.

Initial Sign Up

  1. Client will receive a 6-8 Digit ID Number

  2. Client must Provide Insurance information if they have Insurance.

  3. CC needs to know Deductible

  4. There is a one time NON-REFUNDABLE fee of $500 per owner + $100 for each small animal.

  5. If Client chooses to hold their CryptoShares in United States Dollar (USD), the entire $500 + $100/Animal goes towards forming Masternodes.

  6. If a Client chooses to hold CryptoShares in CryptoCurrency, $500 will go towards forming Masternodes, while $100-$200 USD or Crypto will be held to help offset any losses that may occur in market value.

  7. If a portion of the $200 is used, it will be replenished by gains made back from CryptoShares that exceeds USD contributions.

Monthly Contribution

  1. A Minimum Contribution of $25 per month will be required.

  2. This is to prevent abuse of the system.

  3. The Monthly Contribution will Alternate Funding between the two:

  4. CryptoShare Ownership

  5. Masternode Growth (Non-Refundable)

  6. There is no Maximum Contribution to CryptoShare, however, CC will not take more than $50 per month when it comes to Non-Refundable Masternode Growth Contributions.

  7. Example: Client decides to pay $150/Month, then Client will receive the full $150, one month, for CryptoShares and $100/Month the other month as the Maximum take of $50 was subtracted for Non-Refundable Masternode Growth.

  8. Non-Refundable Masternode Growth Contributions are necessary for 2 Reasons:

  9. To Help ensure healthy flow of accessible CryptoCurrency is being funded to the Catastrophic Pool

  10. Reach Long Term Goal to bring Catastrophic Deductible to $0 for everyone.

Catastrophic Pool

  1. The Catastrophic Pool will be Funded Solely by Masternodes.

  2. Clients can access Catastrophic funds if a Single Medical Incident exceeds $500 of the value of their CryptoShare Holdings and Deductible of any other insurance is not met.

  3. If a Client has private insurance, Catastrophic Pools will only cover up to the deductible of the Insurance Policy.

  4. If they do not have insurance, they will have access to the Catastrophic Pool for that Specific Incident.

  5. Rationale for $500 Deductible:

  6. The current deductible for insurance companies is $500

  7. This is a reasonable deductible for the monthly CryptoShares that are collected.

  8. $500 helps prevent misuse of the Catastrophic Pool

The Deductible can be lowered:

1. For every non-refundable contribution $300 above the initial $500 + $100/Animal Start Up Fee, (Does NOT include the Monthly non-refundable) you can lower your Catastrophic Pool Qualification by $50.
2. Example: If you pay $1,100 + $100/Animal in non-refundable fees, you will qualify for the Catastrophic Pool at $300 per incident.
3. A Client could theoretically pay $3,000 + $100/Animal and automatically qualify for the Catastrophic Pool as each animal’s Deductible would = $0.
4. Clients can add to the non-refundable fee at anytime to qualify for a lower Catastrophic Pool. **The Payment must be Paid in the full $300.**

CryptoShare Use

  1. Clients can remove/use CryptoShares whenever they want for any Animal Medical Purpose, no questions asked. This idea is in pursuit to personal responsibility when it comes to healthcare.
  2. Clients will be required to show proof of medical costs if transactions exceed $500 or more than 4 Medical Transactions in a Month. This is to prevent people using the Money as a form of investment. However, this cold change with the restrictions of Polispay cards.

Rules to Prevent Misuse

  1. Client Personal Information will never be made public unless requested by client.

  2. Clients will have the option to be put their real name or ID Number on the Crypto Donation Platform/Website

  3. **If client misses 2 monthly payment, or found to be using money as a form of investment, they will forfeit their account.

Forms of Re-Imbursement

  1. To reimburse a user for their medical claim, a user will receive their payment via the following ways:

  2. Cash

  3. Check

  4. Venmo

  5. Crypto

  6. $2.75% + Exchange Conversion (CryptoShare) will be subtracted from total value of the CryptoShare or Catastrophic Pool Claim being reimbursed.

  7. CryptoShares will be taken out in 0.5 or 1.0 increments

  8. Transaction Fees will be used to pay for additional staff and materials

Who will run Masternodes?

  1. Crypto Care Masternodes will be run by a Co-Founder of

  2. CryptoCurrency Storage

  3. CryptoCurrency transfer from USD to CryptoCurrency will take place on Coinbase or Gemini.

  4. This will only be used if CryptoCurrency needs to be transferred from USD to CryptoCurrency or from CryptoCurrency in the bank.

  5. The bulk of Catastrophic Coins will be held in a cold wallet (offline) - Ledger Nano S.

  6. This is to further prevent any hacking that may occur.

  7. We will have to use an exchange to convert Bitcoin to other Alt-coins that support Masternodes and Vis Versa.

  8. Dedicate a private phone/device for 2-Factor Authentication.

Account Cancellation

  1. If a user decides to cancel their account, they will forfeit any use of the Catastrophic Pool, Non-Refundable Fees and any Gains that may have occurred if they held their CryptoShares in CryptoCurrency
  2. Users will receive their full CryptoShare Contribution back.
  3. (Voting Option) There is a 0.5 CryptoShare Cancellation Fee

Business Integration

  1. Growing CC outside of local locations

  2. This idea can grow to all areas of the world.

  3. Crypto Care will remain in Control of the Catastrophic Pool.

  4. If a different Crypto Care Location were to ever make a claim from the Catastrophic Pool, The separate Facility would charge $2 + 2.75% for the fee. $2 goes to Crypto Care, 2.75% goes to Franchised Facility.

  5. The Separate Franchised Facility will control their own CryptoShares

  6. The Separate Franchised Facility will need to Contribute the Every other Monthly Funds to Crypto Care for more Pooled Funds for Masternodes.

  7. It will be the Responsibility of the Participating Franchised Facility to ensure a Verified Medical Claim is real.

  8. An initial investment, by any new Franchised Facility, of $10,000 will be necessary as Crypto Share will Provide all Material for CryptoShare Tracking and Money will be put aside for a website use for CC.

  9. The Franchising will be determined if organization is profit or non-proft.

Solution If Catastrophic Pool Runs Out

  1. If the Catastrophic Pool were to Run Out in early stages, The users of the Catastrophic Pool will have to wait a full month until they receive another payment.
  2. If there are Multiple Claims when the Pool Runs out, New Funds will be distributed evenly.

Revenue Generation

  1. Review Sections Sections 1, 2, 6, 10
  2. All are on the board for Voting Changes if a non-profit is set up.
  3. Section 7 could add extra revenue (only if needed) by collecting no more than 1-10% of Masternode Commissions. (Not Recommended) if non profit

Other Voting Material

  1. Should wait 6 Months until anyone can collect from Catastrophic Pool when first start, as no pool will exist.


  1. It is always recommended to talk to a lawyer about this process to determine if all practices are legal.
  2. The only law I can think of that would be ability to hold people’s money as an HSA.

Key Take Aways For Crypto Care (CC)

  1. This is intended to be an insurance supplement with the intention to grow to be an insurance alternative.

  2. There are 3 Main Factors to the CC System:

  3. CryptoShares

  4. Catastrophic Pool

  5. Crypto Donation Platform

  6. CryptoShares - Works similar to an HSA

  7. Minimum Monthly Fee Collected - $25

  8. Maximmum Monthly Fee Collected - $50

  9. Every other Month Fee Goes to:

  10. Masternode Replenishment

  11. CryptoShares

  12. Catastophic Pool - Works similar to Insurance Pooling

  13. $500 Deductible - For each new Incident

  14. Every Non-Refundable $300 - Reduces Deductible by $50

  15. Purely Funded by Masternodes

  16. Crypto Donation Platform - Works similar to GoFundMe

  17. Platform for People to Donate/Request CryptoShares to those in need

  18. Grow Project to pay for a website - Offers Worldwide Support

  19. Masternodes

  20. Masternodes will be run a founder of

  21. CryptoCurrency Conversion

  22. A Coinbase or Gemini account will be made for easy conversion from USD to CryptoCurrency and Vis Versa

  23. Cold Wallet will be used to store the Bulk of the Coins.

  24. Dedicate offline device for 2-Factor Authentication


100,000 Polis

How will the Polis be used:

The Polis will be used for the following:

  1. Begin Catastrophic Pool
  2. Legal Fees - $10,000 - $20,000
  3. Business Start Up Costs - $2,000 - $5,000
  4. Website Creation - $10,000 - $30,000
  5. Developers for Backend Stability $25,000 - $100,000/year - varies as growth occurs
  6. Traveling fees for local, national, and word implementation
  7. Employee Salaries - Depends on growth

How will this effect the Polis community:

  1. It will cause masternodes to give less frequent rewards

  2. It will drive polis prices higher, the more patients become involved.

  3. It will lead to the encouragement of polispay card as we integrate polispay as a way for HSAs to be used.

  4. We will encourage polispay to pay monthly bills.

  5. It will bring great advertisement as we will advertise polis as a primary source of funding for the new project.

PLEASE Ask Questions, I want to get started right away!! My End Goal is to have cheap healthcare in the entire world for everyone.


Looks like you out of businnes and never had you own Legal status cos

  1. Legal Fees - $10,000 - $20,000

has 10k difference.

4 and 5 are 10x lower, thats a tell you as PHP Developer

Without Ad campain you will fail for sure and thats 20k-100k more.
You will need several licenses in this StartUp thats 15k more.

There is no “healthcare for all” success examples in the history.

You dont need POLIS you need investor cos after this project done you can throw away POLIS.

I think you dost understand bussiness, economics and you dont care about POLIS cos at this hard time 100 000 POLIS will kill the coin.
Try your luck with TOP100-200 coins.

  1. Legal Status includes business set up, legal fees and Lawyer fees - There is no telling what these guys will charge as nobody has experience with crypto.
  2. The Website is a rough estimate as there are some functions I would like added, I want developers on staff in hopes to eventually decentralize
  3. Your right, there is no helathcare for all - and this is a way to try and prove a healthcare for all without government interventions in possible.
  4. I actually really like polis.

If 100,000 is not acceptable, I would be appreciative of anything. I think this is a viable idea.


Ignore the destructive criticism, literally made no sense. Seems like you put a lot of thought and time into this. Still need to take some time to give this a full read but one thing stood out: Catastrophic pool on a ledger nano.

This poses a lot of liquidity issues, the system would rely on a person sending funds to and from a physical device. Also there’s a single point of failure on that hardware, if the device ever gets stolen or destroyed then boom the whole pool is gone. i’m sure there are solutions to these problems, will try and give some more feedback when I have time.


There actually is a recovery key for the ledger nano s, but I understand what you are saying. There will need to be another solution, with safe guards, as growth occurs and a development team would need to create a better solution.