Core Team funds to list in a new Exchange

Dear Polis community we have prepared a new proposal :

It has come to our attention there is still an amount of unused funds (6000 coins) in the superblock for next month(s), if unused these coins are automatically burned by the governance mechanism.

We would like to seize this opportunity to collect funds for a new exchange listings.

To not put endless stress on the superblock we have opted for 5 payments, reviewing and if needed renewing the proposal after these 5 payments.

The funds will be stored and controlled by the Polis Core Team.

When an opportunity arise we will confer with the community and vote on a potential listing on a new exchange.

Thanks you

Enrique B

Exchange fund

We are very proud to announce the listing fund is ready to be voted.
We contacted 2 exchanges that are willing to accept our current fund in exchange of listing Polis.

The exchanges are:


The voting procedure will be the following:

  1. Choose the best option for the Polis Community.
  2. Use the commands below to vote for your favourite exchange.
  3. The exchange with more Absolute YES votes is going to win.
  4. If both exchanges have a negative Absolute YES count, no exchange will be chosen.
  5. Voting will start at 16.00.00 July 3 UTC and will end at 16.00.00 July 4 UTC

Vote commands



gobject vote-many b885d53ed0f7f46f0bc279795b091b89ae8f4f3efd8c07fbf40c736d7c222ee5 funding yes


gobject vote-many b885d53ed0f7f46f0bc279795b091b89ae8f4f3efd8c07fbf40c736d7c222ee5 funding no



gobject vote-many 2cf0f83d74dfc15c3d116761a09acd6d38f2a5bea247783085c786a66385de05 funding yes


gobject vote-many 2cf0f83d74dfc15c3d116761a09acd6d38f2a5bea247783085c786a66385de05 funding no