Core team development and operation budget q3-q4 2019


We continue our Q3 and Q4 this year with renewed enthusiasm, after having gone through many challenges in Q1 and Q2, the Core Team was able to finance its operations with the support of the Community, for the resources received by the goverance, and the own funds .

We continue our work to overcome complex challenges such as the cancellation of our operations with Master Card and the different needs of updating our Wallet to provide greater security and stability to Polis, the future although complex, as is the Crypto world, encourages us to continue .

In Q3 and Q4 of 2019 the Core Team will focus, in a very similar way to the first semester of the year, on the following lines of action *:

• PolisPay, we continue with negotiations with Master Card and Union Pay, Shift and Prepay Cards
• PolisNodes
• Olympus Project
• Legal and Administrative Strengthening
• Team Consolidation (Developers, Marketing, Back office of PolisPay and PolisNodes, Legal compliance, Administration and Management)
• Promotion of new cases of use of POLIS and strategic alliances.

-Details on the progress of each line will be informed in a timely manner-


For the operation in the next 6 months, the following expenses are:


Salaries $77,589 55.0%
Developers (7)
Public Relations and Marketing (2)
Back office of PolisPay and PolisNodes (2)
Administration and Management (3)
Legal and Accounting $23,078 16.4%
Office Expenses $12,947 9.2%
PolisPay Platform $9,000 6.4%
Taxes $18,392 13.0%
TOTAL EXPENSES $141,007 100.0%

The expected income for the next 6 months for the Core Team comes from different sources:


Stake and Masternodes $24,000 16.6%
Governance $39,600 27.4%
PolisPay, PolisNodes and others $80,842 56.0%
INCOME TOTAL $144,442 100.0%

Revenues are estimated in conservative values ​​that Polis and BTC may have in the coming months.

The Core Team requires part of the Governances 14,000 Polis per month equal to the first two quarters of the year, we have already received 800 Polis-Core-Team-PolisPay-Monthly-Budget, so this proposal will be for 13,200 Polis per month for the next 6 months, and this represents 27.4% of our income.

We need the support of the entire Community to continue with our work that will surely benefit Polis.

I remain at your service for any questions