Core team development and operation budget Q1-Q2 2020


We are very happy to have already reached two years of operation with this great project, we are grateful for the support of the whole community and all those who have believed in it.

During all this time the Core Team has been able to finance its operations with the support of the community, the resources of the governance and its own funds.

We continue our work to developing Olympus, the PolisNodes service and making the best effort to achieve greater dissemination and use of PolisPay with all its applications.

Our Team has been maturing and has been strengthening more in all the financial, security and legal aspects to be able to continue the Polis project

In Q1 and Q2 of 2020, the Core Team will focus on the same lines of action that we have been working on for the last 6 months:

  • PolisPay, we continue with negotiations with Union Pay, Shift and Prepay Cards
  • PolisNodes
  • Olympus Project
  • Legal and Administrative Strengthening
  • Team Consolidation (Developers, Marketing, Back office of PolisPay and PolisNodes, Legal compliance, Administration and Management)
  • Promotion of new cases of use of POLIS and strategic alliances
  • New Exchanges

For the operation in the next 6 months, the following Budget is:

For the operation in the next 6 months, the following Budget is:

Salaries $56,842 54.88%
Developers (5), Public Relations and Marketing (1), Back office of PolisPay and PolisNodes (1), Administration and Management (2)
Legal and Accounting $14,842 14.33%
Office Expenses $5,368 5.18%
PolisPay Platform and Servers $9,474 9.15%
Taxes $17,053 16.46%
TOTAL EXPENSES $103,579 100.00%
Stake and Masternodes $19,200 16.49%
Governance $67,200 57.73%
PolisPay, PolisNodes and others $30,000 25.77%
INCOME TOTAL $116,400 100.00%
P&L $12,821

Revenues are estimated in actual values of Polis and BTC, which we hope will remain in the coming months, but of course, this may vary.

In this new budget, we have adjusted the size and expenses of our office; our legal costs have decreased since our processes and activities have been consolidated, although if we have better services in PolisPay, they will probably increase; We have also adjusted the size of the team, although other people are likely to join again in the short term to support the development of Olympus for 14 members, we are now 9.

The Core Team requires funds from the Governances 14,000 Polis per month equal to last year. We have already received 800 Polis-Core-Team-PolisPay-Monthly-Budget, which expires in April 2020 so this proposal will be for 13,200 Polis per month for the next 6 months.

We need the support of the entire community to continue with our work that will surely benefit Polis.

I remain at your service for any questions